Soul, Body and Home Gifts opens its doors on West Ferry Street in New Hope

new hope free press sould body home 1Soul, Body and Home Gifts recently opened for business at 15A W. Ferry St., and while time will tell if it’s another Strawberry Jam in the making, one can almost sense the ghosts of that famed, but bygone retailing legend once located slightly down the hill on East Ferry Street.

What’s interesting is not only the high-quality soaps, candles and jewelry one might expect, but the overall impression imparted of a classic gift store typical of the 1970s-90s period, before nearby malls and the internet put pressure on the business model. Soul, Body and Home adds the spin of vintage, hand-crafted and local to the mix, updating the traditional gift store to something less mall and more “New Hope.”

Said owner Jeannine Pontoski, “We’re a gift boutique that’s European-inspired, with vintage items…and I also love handmade.” Indeed, local handicrafts and artwork dotted the shop, and were eclectic and playful, while consistently original and tasteful.

new hope free press soul body home 2The store itself was well-stocked, yet airy, with ample views of the Ingham Creek from a spectacular rear porch. Prices seemed reasonable, and Pontoski was low-key and helpful.

The shop also nicely compliments the upcycled vintage store next door, Curious Goods, at 17 W. Ferry St. The two have recently put on “upscale yard sales” in the outdoor area fronting their stores, drawing crowds to the block.

All in all, Soul, Body and Home is a solid addition to New Hope’s panoply of retailers and worth a visit.


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