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Delaware River at New Hope-Lambertville running high, but not overflowing banks

The Delaware River at New Hope and Lambertville was running high on Saturday, but not projected to overflow its banks.

The water level was at 10.89 feet at 4 p.m., and expected to begin declining, according to the National Weather Service. Flood stage is 13 feet.

Historically high crests in recent years include 15.1 feet in 2011, 19.08 feet in 2006, and 19.6 feet in 2005. The river crested at 24.16 on Aug. 20 1955.

High water levels Saturday were being driven by melting snow and recent rainfall further north.

Lewis Island in Lambertville was inundated Friday afternoon.

Also on Saturday, scattered power outages persisted in West Amwell, N.J., with restoration possible by 11 p.m.

JCP&L was offering free water and ice at a nearby Shop Rite store.

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