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New Hope to build 5-level parking garage on New Street

New Hope will build a five-level parking garage on borough-owned land one block from South Main Street, according to a news release announcing a state grant program award Wednesday.

The state will provide $1.75 million for construction of the 350-car garage on New Street and for updating road paving between the garage and South Main Street to allow for pedestrian walkways and a shuttle service.

“The borough welcomes the opportunity to move forward with this grant for a new parking garage,” said New Hope Borough Manager Peter Gray in the release. “With an off-street parking site, the borough will be able to provide needed relief to visitors of New Hope who come to enjoy the various restaurants and shopping that are offered.”

Borough officials were not immediately available for comment. The potential construction of a parking garage on the grassy hill adjacent to borough hall has been discussed over the years.

The Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program providing the grant is dedicated to the acquisition and construction of regional economic, cultural, civic, recreational, and historical improvement projects.

“I want to thank Governor Wolf for prioritizing RACP funds for projects like these, providing important state investments in our local economy,” said State Senator Steve Santarsiero (D-10). “The parking garage project will make New Hope more accessible, boosting revenue for many small businesses in our local economy.”

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    • Yes, and also perfect opportunity for developers to knock down all the stores and build riverfront condos. Also, they will buy the properties for pennies on the dollar.

  • How could New Hope even think of putting a parking garage one block from Main Street. Have we who live in New Hope have any say on what in going to be build in our own town? This monstrosity will be a huge eye sore built right near historic buildings and homes. And homes that are in the surrounding area that were built there because of the charm of old New Hope to have a garage for visitors in their view. This will be in the back yards of Riverwoods million dollar homes wow what a view for them. And the new town houses on Mechanics St. they will just adore having all that traffic and blight in front of their homes. Oh please tell me it’s all a joke. There is plenty of parking if only people would walk to the huge lot near the train. So, So, stupid. I will be out there to protest!!!

  • Will the 1.75 million dollar grant be enough to cover the cost of the entire construction project, cost of hiring and maintaining personnel, cost of maintenance and other costs such as accident insurance? Another question- will there be a problem getting the cars from Odettes to their new location on Route 202 near Wawa’s?

  • There was once talk about building the garage at the far end of the Triumph parking lot which I think would be very feasible and NOT add to the congestion. But other questions are this. How much money will visitors be charged for spots by the penny pinching parking meter obsessed New Hope Borough Council? How much will it cost to hire more cops to prevent break ins and assaults? Of course we won’t have to do this because we never have crime here in New Hope. Right? LOL.
    Next, Will the town be able to take the increase in horn blasting by drivers anxious to get in or out of the their parking spots? Honk Honk!!!

  • The death of New Street. New Hope has become another Ellicott City, MD. I’m so glad I moved away from that street. The house I sold was turned into an AirBnB with the character of an ice cube. New Hope is just another extension of North Philly. Disgusting.

  • New Hope used to be a nice quaint little town to go to but not any more parking garages now you have to pay for parking traffic’s a mess no thanks

  • I don’t know what the borough is thinking (their not IMO) putting the parking lot there on New Street.
    The ability to get in and out is difficult enough from either end of that street so to even consider building a parking lot you’re creating not only a traffic jam, you will be creating frustrating tourists who will never want to come back again – and that parking area will become an unused lot overtime and be a waste of badly spent money.
    There is no need for a
    5-story parking lot.
    It will become an ugly eyesore and detract from the very feeling that makes New Hope New Hope which is it’s Unique stores and touristy vibe.
    If you were really concerned about your town or your people, you would leave New Street alone because that beautiful side street is one of the few places that the residents of New Hope can actually enjoy living on without all the heavy traffic or they would have chosen a home on Main Street.
    You need to reconsider your location to make it more feasible logistically

    • Yes, fantastic. Also, they may build a Walmart on North Main Street. Starbucks is closing many stores, so hopefully that location will become a bodega (just like in South Bronx). Add a OTB (off track betting) to South Main and a Taco Bell on Bridge Street. Throw in a few discarded shopping carts in the fetid canal, replace Love Saves Day store with a Dollar Store, and voila, you will have what the city planners desire. Don’t forget a sprinkling of bail bond locations around the town.

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