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New parking garage may be located on north side of New Hope

Northern end of New Hope where a new parking garage may be located (Google Maps)

A new five-level parking garage being built by New Hope Borough may cost more than $4 million and be situated near the Delaware Canal to the north of Union Square and the New Hope & Ivyland Railroad.

New Hope officials have not responded to requests for comment, and the borough website makes no mention of the project.

A press release from State Senator Steve Santarsiero on Wednesday announcing state funding for the project first brought the parking garage plan to light, and a spokesperson later said it would be located on New Street.

But a summary of the borough’s application for state funding on the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) website says that New Hope officials requested $4.41 million for a “five-level, long-span, open, precast parking garage on borough-owned land adjacent to DCNR’s Delaware Canal Park and one block from Main Street that is accessible from both US 202 and PA 179, providing 350 parking spaces.”

The application goes on to say that New Hope is seeking DCNR approval for a pedestrian bridge across the Delaware Canal connecting the parking garage to North Main Street. The project will also include a provision for shuttle service and improved roadway paving.

Should the garage be located near Union Square, it would have access to Route 202 via Hardy Bush Way, but could require a better roadway to Union Square and Route 179 (West Bridge Street) beyond.

The RACP decided to provide $1.75 million out of the $4.41 requested for the project.

The potential construction of a parking garage near borough hall on New Street has been discussed over the years, and that location could also be considered “borough-owned land adjacent to DCNR’s Delaware Canal Park.”

The RACP is a Commonwealth grant program administered by the Office of the Budget for the acquisition and construction of regional economic, cultural, civic, recreational, and historical improvement projects.

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  • This insane idea of a huge parking garage on New Street is just credulous. With out any though of the people who live near town we have to see this eye sore everyday to accommodate the visitors that don’t even spend any money in town. Yes, how many people do anyone see with shopping bags, very few people. They come just for something to do. Walk around eat something have a drink look at the river go home. People spend their money at Peddlers Village just a few miles down the road. New Hope will never be the Mecca that town council wants it to be it’s just too small. Is this all about the huge new high end hotel and restaurant on the river needing parking???

  • I never spend a second looking for parking in New Hope since there are plenty of free parking spots in Lambertville outside of the commercial district. And then I walk. I urge others to do the same, since New Hope is going to have to gouge motorists to pay off the 4 million (minimum, expect cost overruns).

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