New Hope retail roundup: Will Bucks County Caramel Corn Clusters dominate South Main snack scene? Plus bye-bye Verizon, hello Mohan

Bucks County Caramel Corn Clusters (Photo: Charlie Sahner)

Bucks County Caramel Corn Clusters (Photo: Charlie Sahner)

Feverish positioning for the busy warm season ahead continues, with Bridge Street flavored popcorn emporium Bucks County Caramel Corn Clusters moving to South Main Street, Verizon vacating 30 W. Bridge Street and women’s fashion retailer Snapdragon taking its place, New Hope perennial retailer Mohan Mohinani opening an apparent third location at the former Beyond the Wall poster shop, and Four Seasons Mall favorite Guy Stuff opening its newly-expanded space.

First up: Bucks County Caramel Corn Clusters is holding its grand opening at 87 South Main St. on the weekend of May 3-4, having vacated its former West Bridge Street home. The new store has been renovated with no expense spared, and looks clean and inviting. Owners confirmed they’re also taking on the space next store, previously occupied by New Hope Candle Shop, which will initially take the the form of a “coffee and gelato bar” that could ultimately morph into a cafe. All in all, this airy, well-lit snack spot with driven owners and top-notch interior design could become a dominant force in the competitive downtown food service sector.

Mohjan World

Mohan’s new store

New Hope Indian fashion mogul Mohan K. Mohinani has opened the doors of his new women’s and kid’s clothing mart in the former Beyond the Wall poster location on South Main Street. Signage will ultimately reveal its name, but if you haven’t had enough of Mohan’s unique fashion vision, this is more Mohan than you’ve ever dreamed.

Women’s fashion retailer Snapdragon has hung its shingle up the hill at 30 W. Bridge Street, the former Verizon store. A quick glance revealed a well-organized selection of women’s clothing, accessories, home goods and gifts.

Snapdragon at 30 W. Bridge St. (Photo: Charlie Sahner)

Snapdragon at 30 W. Bridge St. (Photo: Charlie Sahner)

And last, but by no means least, Guy Stuff in the Four Seasons Mall on South Main Street has re-opened, and is bigger and badder than ever, with expanded lines of Airsoft, pointy things, and politically incorrect signage, all of which seems to draw a good size audience.

New Hope’s own version of musical merchant chairs is sure to heat up even more as temperatures outdoors climb. Next up: what the heck are they planning on doing at 46 N. Main Street? Rumors are flying…

guy stuff exterior




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