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Proposed site for new parking garage in New Hope is just north of train station, Union Square

New Hope Public Works garage adjacent to Union Square parking lot

The proposed site of the New Hope Borough parking garage is on Stockton Avenue, a single-lane road that runs between tracks of the New Hope-Ivyland Railroad and the Delaware Canal, according to the borough’s application for state funding.

Stockton Avenue looking south toward train station

The borough owns a sizable tract of land on Stockton Avenue that currently houses the Department of Public Works, adjacent to the northernmost parking lot of Union Square.

Pennsylvania’s Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) last week awarded $1.75 million of the $4.41 million requested for the project by New Hope.

“The project will comprise construction of a new ADA-compliant five-level, long-span, open, precast parking garage on borough-owned land adjacent to DCNR’s Delaware Canal Park and one block from Main Street that is accessible from both US 202 and PA 179, providing 350 parking spaces,” reads a RACP synopsis of the project. “Pending DCNR approval, the garage will have a pedestrian bridge spanning the canal, connecting it directly to N. Main Street. The project will include all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems and utility connections as well as provision for shuttle service and improved roadway paving.”

The proposed site is bordered by Hardy Bush Way, Union Square, and the Delaware Canal

While New Hope Borough Council President Connie Gering and Borough Manager Peter Gray have ignored requests for comment, Gering downplayed progress on the project in a statement posted Monday to the borough website.

“There was some reporting over this past weekend about the location and height of the garage,” said Gering. “I want to assure everyone that the location of the garage has not yet been determined. Work on the design and location is in the preliminary planning stages. Your borough government will be considering all viable options, details of which will be announced and constituent feedback gathered before decisions are made.”

But according to the RACP, the borough anticipates that final plans would be available at the beginning of 2021, when it must demonstrate that at least 50% of the required non-state funds necessary to complete the project are secured. The project bidding and start of construction would be contingent upon the RACP grant scope approval, but the contract process would take approximately 15 weeks, along with a 70-week construction timeframe.

The “improved roadway paving” in the project synopsis likely refers to Stockton Avenue, which leads from the proposed garage site to West Bridge Street (Route 179). The garage would also enjoy access to Route 202 via Hardy Bush Way.

Visitors choosing to walk into town rather that utilize shuttle service could do so through an existing walking trail, which hypothetically could connect to North Main Street via a “pedestrian bridge spanning the canal” and West Parry or West Randolph streets.




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  • Yet the town is still becoming just another North Philly suburb. That is why I moved out from there. Cosmos killings, destruction of houses without permits, moving historical buildings to other sites, out of control cops arresting tourists with no reason, several people drowning in the fetid canals with no explanation, blech. It has become a “Pottersville” from “It’s a Wonderful Life” movie. Stay away from there. No more arts community, no more multi-cultural community, just a swamp of North Philly criminals picking your pockets. And no more “fine” restaurants.

  • Well that’s a relief! Initially word was they had planned it right next to the Borough Hall and Police Station! The area now is a much better and desirable location!

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