Cryer’s Antiques and Vintage in New Hope an airy, manageble trip down memory lane

cryers vintage new hope free pressCryer’s is one of the oldest family-owned businesses in New Hope, although it hasn’t always been under the same family.

Founded in 1905 as Cryer’s Hardware, it’s been occupied by Brad and Tania Finch for the last five years, another family with deep New Hope roots. Tania’s grandfather, Don Walker, was born in Lambertville, and lived in an 18th century house on Aquetong and Covered Bridge roads starting in the 1930s. He was a key founder of the Bucks County Playhouse, and served as the corporation’s president and vice-president for many years. Brad’s father was a well-known pianist. “Both of our families are rooted in this town,” observed Finch.

History aside, a trip to Cryer’s is an easy and fun affair, and while one might not find the trendiest item in the wide world of today’s vintage category, there’s enough quirkiness, along with a high, vaulted ambiance, to make it quite pleasant and worthwhile.

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The owners themselves are unassuming and approachable, the prices aren’t ridiculous, and there’s some strange product concentrations, like Fiestaware, marbles, cigarette lighters, costume jewelry, and upholstery fabric. Yes, you read that right, upholstery fabric, and in amounts that could catch the eye of an interior designer and crafter alike, the latter going for the smaller samples or remnants that are the stuff of which pillows are made. Seems that Tania Finch is a New York City upholstery designer, so there you go.

Cryer’s is located at 20 S. Main St. in beautiful downtown New Hope; (215) 862-2537.

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