New McCaffrey’s Food Market in the works for New Hope

Staples store in New Hope

McCaffrey’s Food Markets is seeking to open a new location in the New Hope Shopping Center at 300 W. Bridge St., the company acknowledged Thursday.

The space is currently occupied by a Staples office supply store, which will be closing on Feb. 8, according to a spokesperson.

Asked about rumors of a new supermarket widely circulating around New Hope in recent days, the company kept its cards close to the vest.

“We are working on it, but nothing to confirm yet,” said Jim McCaffrey III, president and CEO of McCaffrey’s Food Markets, in a statement.

McCaffrey’s Food Market in Newtown

A New Hope location would become the seventh store for the family-owned supermarket chain. The first McCaffrey’s Food Market opened in Yardley in 1986, and the company now boasts locations in Doylestown, Newtown, and Blue Bell, along with sites in Princeton and West Windsor in New Jersey.

There is currently a dearth of grocery options in New Hope and neighboring towns, with only a Giant Food Store serving the area. That food outlet is generally regarded as being of only average selection and value.

McCaffrey’s said news about the New Hope location will be forthcoming on its Facebook page in the weeks ahead.

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  • This is great news. That Staples is like a morgue. Giant is terrible. We drive to Flemington Shoprite now but a closer option is needed. Town has been lacking a good market ever since Clemens closed. They should take CVS with them. Overpriced clip joint.

    • Prescriptions are more expensive in that CVS than anywhere else, even other CVS stores. That location will not honor GoodRX prices. Intentionally over-priced because of the zipcode.

  • “Giant: That food outlet is generally regarded as being of only average selection and value.” What a nice way to put it. Everyone I know just says they hate Giant and with good reason.

    • I happen to love Giant. People are friendly and very helpful. Food options are good. Bonus buys are great. Bakery is exceptional.

      Guess everyone has their own opinions about their favorite food stores. I remember some friends who thought that the Delray Market was THE place for produce, as opposed to Giant. I personally found their selections to be dreary and scant.

      So, I applaud McCaffrey’s! Competition is always a good thing, and alternative selections gives people a choice.

      Wish Lambertville would get their act together and put in a supermarket too! There used to be an ACME AND an A&P (IGA). Now there’s nothing except expensive convenience stores, and people have to get a ride to go grocery shopping. That’s unfair to its citizens.

      • ” . . .and people have to get a ride to go grocery shopping. That’s unfair to its citizens.” Unfair??? I’m confused. Do stores have to continue to stay in business even if they are failing? Why did Acme & A&P fail in those locations? Are you saying a grocery store within walking distance should be mandatory in all towns? Who would provide this store? Would this be a taxpayer-funded store? What other services should be provided to keep you alive? If people want more conveniently located stores MOVE.

        • Geez, I thought this was just a discussion about grocery stores in the area. Guess what? Everyone has their own opinions about “quality” and “selection.”

          I remember when Lambertville used to have 2 grocery stores at one time – one at the north end of town, and one at the south end of town. A lot of people in Lambertville had no means of motor transportation and so the 2 grocery stores gave them the ability to walk or bike to get their groceries. Maybe times have changed since then…and maybe residents are more mobile now.

          When ACME closed, Lambertville tried to replace it with a very high-end, high-priced grocery store. That didn’t last long.

          Your suggestion that if people don’t like it, they should just “move” comes across as callous, and not helpful to the discussion, even though you have a right to your opinion – as do I.

  • I just moved to new hope from newtown and am sadly surprised at the complete lack of at least 1 quality grocery store! To have to drive to doylestown or newtown or even yardley just to go food shopping makes me feel that new hope is part of a forgotten town! Its population warrants this potential mccaffreys! I personally will be so happy to see it here. It was my store of choice while living in newtown for 24 years!

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