iCandy and Creamery opens on Ferry Street in New Hope

iCandy and Ice Cream - New Hope Free PressiCandy and Creamery opened recently on East Ferry Street in New Hope, and has been drawing a good-sized crowd on weekends.

The snack shop is the brainchild of David Burschlag, who owns New Hope Apparel Company in the former Hot Plates location at 40 S. Main St., and also the Catwalk of New Hope shop at 14 S. Main St.

He has been renting out the small, basement level retail spot around the corner (near the duck food display) for a few years, was tired of the turnover, and decided he was better off running his own business in the space.

“I wanted to try something different,” explained Burschlag. “A lot of prior businesses didn’t survive. You’ve got to give people a good reason to come down those steps.

new hope free press“What’s better than ice cream and candy?”

Not much these days. And although the formidable Sugar Daddy’s is heading toward the setting sun as the Ferry Market Street moves closer to fruition, iCandy and Creamery, which also sells Italian ices, popcorn, milk shakes, and malts, is in direct competition with several existing merchants.

That said, the Goodnoe Farm Espresso Explosion ice cream was moving nicely, as was the Raspberry Cheesecake and Peanut Butter Ripple. The Swedish Fish and Mango Italian ice flavors looked interesting, too.

The Goodnoe family has been making dairy products in a plant on their farm in Newtown for nearly a century.

The candy selection consisted of some of the more popular nostalgia bars and bags, like Abba Zabba and Pop Rocks, along with the typical bulk selections.

iCandy and Creamery is located at 2 E. Ferry St.





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