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New Hope Fine Wines & Good Spirits store reopens Monday for curbside pickup

Beginning Monday, the Fine Wines & Good Spirits store at Logan Square in New Hope will open to offer curbside pickup.

Pennsylvania is reopening many state liquor stores after closing them to the public last month as part of efforts to limit the spread of covid-19.

The store will take a limited number of orders by phone from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. each day, or until it reaches the maximum number of orders it can fulfill that day, Monday through Saturday.

Curbside pickup orders will be limited to one order of no more than six bottles, according to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB). Only one order will be accepted per caller, per day.

Callers will be guided by store staff through products available to purchase at each location, PLCB said. Payment by credit card will be required by phone, and all curbside pickup sales are final, with no returns.

“We’re optimistic our capacity to fulfill orders through our website and curbside pickup will increase in the coming weeks,” PLCB said, adding that customers should be patient trying to get through by phone in the coming days.

Other Bucks County Fine Wine & Good Spirits locations reopening for curbside pickup include Edgewood Village Shopping Center, Oxford Oaks Shopping Center, and Buttonwood Park Place in Yardley; 212 S. State Street in Newtown; and 132 Veterans Lane in Doylestown.

The Fine Wines & Good Spirits store at Logan Square can be reached at (215) 862-7801.

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  • Before Covid there were usually about 8 state workers in the store, about 2 of them working at any given time. Now I guess they’ll have to pick up the pace a bit. I’m sure they’ll find a way screw it up.

    • Meanwhile World of Wine and Walkers have it down to a science with 2 employees each. Call ahead and they’ll bring it out to your call, no busy signal, no wait. As long as the NJ Staties dont set up checkpoints at the bridge searching trunks and asking for papers.

  • The liquor stores should not have been closed in the first place. Did Governor Wolf and his cohorts ever hear of Equal Treatment Under the Law? If they did, either they do not understand it or they simply choose not to apply it.Since supermarkets such as Giant and Mccaffery’s and a host of other such stores allow customers to walk the aisles, why not the liquor stores bearing in mind that the number of people per square feet should be the same in each establishment.

  • These state owned stores should never have been closed. Their employees continued to be paid for no work while private supermarket and grocery store employees continued to show up and toil the last four weeks for lower pay and benefits. The state owned spirit shops should be closed permanently and turned over to private enterprise.

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