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Major renovation underway at Giant store in New Hope

The GIANT Company on Tuesday announced that major renovations are underway at its New Hope store in Logan Square.

The remodel is expected to be completed late summer.

The company said it will expand its food offerings and update décor throughout the store.

“In addition to a refresh of the current Beer & Wine Eatery, customers can expect to find a new food court, new cheese shop and the addition of dry-aged beef products to the meat department and a designated plant-based product area,” Giant said in a release.

The company emphasized that the store will remain open during renovation.

“Today’s families are busier than ever,” said Heather Potthoff, New Hope Giant store manager. “This remodel will simplify their shopping with optimized product assortment and improved merchandised displays and give them more time to do more of what they love. We have long been committed to the New Hope community, having proudly served its residents for 25 years, and our entire team looks forward to introducing our loyal customers to an enhanced shopping experience later this summer.”

Giant is encouraging New Hope customers to order their groceries online at for curbside pick-up or delivery during the remodel.

Currently open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., the New Hope Giant has been in existence since 1995 and employs 176.

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  • I used to shop there all the time until Country music became the norm. Tried again recently and still playing so I turned around and went to McCaffery’s.
    Country music, in New Hope, Pennsylvania, in 2020 no less. I get some folks like it, but to me, its nails on a chalkboard.

  • No matter the reason for doing this Reno. I certainly hope they do a better job than the first go around! Including a more diversified selection of products. And yes, please improve your produce! New Hope-Solebury deserves better!

  • First of all, it’s not McCafferty’s, it’s McCaffrey’s, so if y’all love it so much, call it by the right name. And I love Giant just the way it is. If they want to renovate the store, fine, but they don’t need to. My wants and needs are always met and I’ve been very happy with the New Hope Giant for years. Seems like people always have to find something to complain about!

    • Steph…I have a soft spot for Giant too but their management isn’t qualified to run a taco stand. Every other store within 20 miles has long since overcome Covid shortages while New Hope Giant looks like Soviet Union circa 1980.

    • I agree with Stephanie. No grocery store is perfect. But I’ve been happy with Giant and I wish them continued success. Their bakery department is top notch. People are friendly. And they’re trying to make improvements every day.

      McCaffrey’s is a quality store as well. Prices are higher generally, and the selection is more limited due to size, but it’s well-run.

      Suggestion: Do “hybrid shopping,” like so many of us do. Some items at Giant. Some at McCaffrey’s.

    • I agree, Stephanie. Most of the items I need or want are sold at the Giant.

      It’s a fact of life that all humans make decisions based on their personal needs and wants. Everyone, who has insight into themselves, knows this.

      Yes, I would prefer that they have better produce, but I can always choose to shop elsewhere for produce.

      For those who feel their wants and needs are not being met by Giant…The solution is simple:

      Make an executive decision to follow your own free will and shop elsewhere.

      Problem solved.

  • No need to improve the physical store. Just get some better produce! Put the money into fresher food, not redesigning a beer garden that was just done a couple years ago!

    As a long time local, I’ve not hear one person claim they go to McCafferty’s because of the decor. Reasons 1, 2 and 3 are produce, produce, produce!

  • How wonderfully benevolent of a major corporate conglomerate to be so attentive to our small community. Could it be that the “locally” owned McCaffrey’s is cutting into the Giant’s marketshare?

  • Well, nothing like a little competition to get things moving. Giant has held this area hostage for too long. McCafferty’s is a beautiful store and I’ll continue to go there where robots do not block the aisles.

    • It’s not Giant’s fault that they were the only store in town for a long time.

      If you prefer McCaffrey’s, good for you! If one prefers Giant, I hope you simply allow them have their preference .

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