Custom Furniture Maker ‘of Iron & Oak’ Opens Showroom in Lambertville

Barenborg and husband Anthony Lucas at new Lambertville storefront.

Barenborg and husband Anthony Lucas at Lambertville storefront.

Custom furniture maker “of Iron and Oak” has been selling their individually-crafted collection online for years, and recently opened a showroom at 202 N. Union St. in Lambertville.

The brainchild of Mary Beth Barenborg, who brings a background in branding made-in-America companies, “of Iron & Oak” was born in 2013 to give consumers “a new way to buy furniture.”

The business model involves connecting and designing with clients at the showroom, then crafting the furniture one piece at a time in their North Carolina workshop at what Barenborg refers to as “realistic prices.”

“After years of online business providing our product to homes across the country, of Iron & Oak is thrilled to have the comfort of a city as beautiful and welcoming as Lambertville to call home,” said Barenborg.

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Red leather Hemingway sofa.

Styles range from from classic leather Chesterfield sofas to sleek mid-century modern sectionals, and Barenborg says her decision to custom design furniture rather that go the mass production route was based on a desire to keep quality high and prices low.

“You don’t have to pay Restoration or Pottery prices for foreign made knockoffs,” she said. “Just visit our showroom or website, choose your options and finishes, and your new furniture will be shipped directly to your home with our standard VIP delivery service. Why buy what everyone else has?”

Of Iron & Oak is located at 202 N Union St.; (732) 400-1962.


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