Nebula 9 Records brings vinyl back to New Hope

Kyle Perkins of Nebula 9 Records in New Hope.

Kyle Perkins of Nebula 9 Records in New Hope.

While there are still a few shops in New Hope carrying vinyl LP records as part of their mix, Nebula 9 plans to bring them back in a big way starting Friday at 115 S. Main St.

The shop will also feature posters and CDs, according to Kyle Perkins, 23, who has owned the House of Wax record store in Frenchtown, N.J., since 2014.

Why the switch to New Hope?

“More people,” said Perkins. “And the live music scene, with Havana, Fran’s Pub, and John and Peter’s nearby. I want to be interwoven with New Hope’s music community.”

Perkins said the shop will eventually offer comic books, music magazines, DVDs, old school video gaming consoles and turntables.

Not a bad fit for New Hope.

Nebula 9 Records is located at 115 S. Main St. across from Fran’s Pub; (908) 797-4807.


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  • Paid a visit to Kyle the other day to see if he’d be interested in buying some albums. I was disappointed to hear that he may not be in business much longer due to lack of interest and too high rent.

    • Yes I do! I won’t be buying anything for a while, but once spring comes around and business picks up I’ll be buying more. ’60s stuff is great for me to buy, I just have to see exactly what you have and what condition it’s in, then I can determine how much I can pay. Thanks for your inquiry!!!

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