GIANT Food Stores announces new lower price strategy

0GIANT Food Stores announced its latest price reduction on thousands of items across its greater Philadelphia and Allentown area stores Friday as part of its new “My GIANT” campaign to make grocery shopping more affordable and convenient for customers, and to help customers lead healthier lifestyles. These customer-essential items are in addition to the price reductions GIANT implemented over the past year.

“GIANT has a tradition of continually working to help our customers save money, save time and eat well every day,” said Tom Lenkevich, GIANT president. “This price reduction is part of our efforts to meet customer demand for quality products at competitive prices, especially for the holiday season where many of us are shopping more for groceries for entertaining.”

GIANT’S lower priced items are highlighted in the weekly circular and also in stores on new “Low Everyday Price” signage. Customers can see the savings on blue shelf tags where they can compare an item’s old price with its new price.

Founded in 1923 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, GIANT/MARTIN’S operates nearly 200 grocery stores in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia, under the names of GIANT Food Stores and MARTIN’S Food Markets. GIANT/MARTIN’S employs more than 33,000 associates and is a division of Netherlands-based Ahold.

GIANT’S New Hope store is located at 6542 Logan Square.

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  • Well, good luck with this. Personally, I avoid Giant whenever possible. Over-priced, poor service and lousy selection. I’m amazed that people actually do their regular shopping in the New Hope Giant. We go to Shoprite in Flemington or Yardley for more competitive pricing and better service.

    It used to be our family joke that if you wanted to find a manager in Giant just look inside the office. That’s where they all were, gathered together whenever possible (God forbid they should be out in the aisles, you know, available to customers!)

    It’s an embarrassment that a community as affluent and sophisticated as New Hope/Solebury has two such lousy supermarkets. Super Fresh is on its way out (what a surprise!) and all that’s left is Giant. Very disappointing.

    • I love Giant in New Hope! Friendly staff, good prices, Bonus Buys, well-presented produce, etc.

      Even though I’ve never had to talk to a manager, there are plenty of employees on the floor to direct a shopper to the right aisle. Or you can go to the service desk with any problems or concerns.

      I think Giant is a great asset to New Hope shoppers. Sorry you had a negative experience there.

      • I’m glad you’re happy with Giant, but let me clarify: I’m not talking about one negative experience. I’m talking about YEARS of disappointment with the New Hope Giant (I’ve lived in Solebury for 21 years). I thought the big store remodel a few years back might improve things but no dice.

        It’s just a disappointment that, of all possible supermarket chains, we got stuck with Giant. We couldn’t get a McCaffrey’s? Or Wegmans? Or, god forbid, Shoprite? I’ve been to other Giant stores and, as a chain, they are none too impressive. I’ll grant you that SOME of the workers in New Hope are helpful. I once expressed my disappointment to one of the older cashiers. She replied “Oh, I know. I don’t shop here myself.”

        As for pricing, I’ll give you an example. The other week, Giant had MacIntosh apples for $1.69 per pound. At Shoprite, the same apples were $.99 apound.

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