Stores change hands on South Main Street as Jason Glazier reconfigures his New Hope holdings

Sign at Beyond the Wall

Sign at Beyond the Wall

In New Hope these days, posters are out, and Airsoft and wine are in, or so it seems.

Popular New Hope poster/gift shop Beyond the Wall has shut its doors, and merchandise from that location and Gorilla Skate appears to be joining an expanding inventory and retail space at Guy Stuff in the Four Seasons Mall, 32 S. Main St., according to multiple sources familiar with what is purported to be a reconfiguration of Jason Glazier’s New Hope empire. Meanwhile, Wines of Bucks County at 14 S. Main St. is staying put, and was drawing crowds Saturday.

Glazier, owner and manager of several commercial holdings in New Hope, was not immediately available for comment. But interviews with multiple retailers revealed that at least part of his business operation will consolidate into the expanding retail outlet Guy Stuff, which is adding an adjacent space formerly occupied by a shop specializing in Egyptian goods. Guy Stuff will be bolstering its selection of Airsoft gaming guns, BB guns, knives and swords, as those items continue to move off the shelves at a decent pace.

Taking the place of Beyond the Wall at 16. S. Main St. is Chic Happens, which features a line of women’s apparel from around the world.

Lastly, a new women’s boutique will be renting the space formerly occupied by Gorilla Skate of 32 S. Main St.

What at first glance may appear to be the retail version of musical chairs is in fact part of a larger series of changes as retailers and restauranteurs position themselves for the big thaw and tourist season only weeks away.

Guy Stuff in the Glazier-owned Four Seasons Mall is adding the retail spot to the right

Guy Stuff in the Glazier-owned Four Seasons Mall is adding the retail spot to the right


A women's clothing store with open March 1 in the former Gorilla Skate location

A women’s clothing store will open March 1 in the former Gorilla Skate location

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  • As another former employee of Beyond the Wall,located at the Court of King of Prussia, I can confirm that the above statement by Donna Roth is true. The owner of Beyond the Wall tried to sell all the locations before he closed the stores permanently.

  • I am not sure if you are aware, but feel it is worth mentioning. BTW was a corporate owned business that had a successful, long term history in town….approx. 15 years. The company decided to take things in a different direction, and the contents of the store was sold to Mr Glazier in March 2010. As you can see by the link below, the name of the store changed to Poster Mayhem.
    However; the BTW signage outside the store remained. My guess is to give the illusion it was under the same ownership.
    Smoke and mirrors can only go so far.

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