Common Ground consignment gallery opens in New Hope, and it’s one to watch

common ground 1Common Ground, an art gallery that takes on work from emerging and established artists in all media, including painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography, digital art and mixed, has opened its doors, and it’s a new business venture worth noting.

That’s not just because of the rapidly growing array of quality antiques, prints, jewelry, and pottery also available. It’s because Denise Rago is a partner, and she managed auctions and appraised for her father, the well-known David Rago of Lambertville.

Aside from the auction business, the younger Rago has spent much of her time writing books and articles on American Art Pottery and evaluating art. Her business partner Steve Sun formerly served as an options sales trader and VP of institutional sales for an Asian brokerage firm while assisting with his family antique business based in Taipei.

Rago is uncomfortable with using her surname as an attention-getting device; but at minimum, it means she knows her stuff, she’ll probably have the tailwind of referrals from New Jersey, and New Hope gets a shot in the arm for its art and antique sectors.

common ground 2

A quick glance revealed several well-chosen items, and prices on a few quickly-turned tags seemed reasonable. Rago herself is warm, welcoming and unassuming, and she and her store seem ready to make waves.

Common Ground is located at 9 E. Bridge St.; (215) 693-1433.

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