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New Hope-Lambertville Free Bridge to Close Briefly for Utility Work

New Hope-Lambertville free bridge.

New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) officials on Monday announced that the New Hope-Lambertville free bridge is scheduled to be closed next week for emergency utility work on Route 179/Bridge Street in Lambertville. Traffic will be detoured over the Route 202 toll bridge during the closure.

The action will allow for the emergency replacement of two utility poles on Bridge Street in Lambertville, according to the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

Verizon is scheduled to close the bridge and Route 179 at Union Street in Lambertville from 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 25, until approximately 1 p.m. Wednesday, April 26. Bridge Street in New Hope will be closed at Main Street.

Detours will be in place on both the New Jersey and Pennsylvania sides of the bridge, says NJDOT, and local police will maintain access to the bridge for emergency vehicles and pedestrians. Access to the parking lots for Lambertville Station and Lilly’s on the Canal will be closed, and the Lambertville Station Restaurant will be closed for dinner on Tuesday, April 25, and local police will direct guests of Lambertville Station Inn.

The following detours will be in place:

New Jersey Traffic Heading to Pennsylvania:

Traffic on Route 179/Bridge Street heading westbound towards New Hope will be directed to turn right onto Main Street to Route 202 westbound and across the toll bridge into Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Traffic Heading to New Jersey:

Traffic on Bridge Street heading toward Lambertville will directed to turn left onto North Main Street to Route 202 eastbound and across the toll bridge into New Jersey.




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