Retailer PROP and r.e.d.STORATION opens in New Hope

red 1Lifestyle retailer PROP and r.e.d.STORATION, originally formed in Lambertville, opened its doors this weekend on North Main Street in New Hope.

Originally two separate stores, their owners joined forces in Lambertville to form PROP and r.e.d.STORATION, offering a broader range of art, furniture, home decor, and clothing.

Owner Beth Mosner styles and designs photo shoots, and many of the varied and unusual items for sale were used or purchased for photographic and video productions, some with celebrity pedigrees attached.

red 2Partner Renea Sinisgalli specializes in furniture restoration, and when pressed to describe the store’s eclectic inventory, said, “We sell everything.”

While that may be open to debate, everything in the location seemed carefully thought-out and chosen, and somehow it all held together amid the lively atmosphere of opening weekend.

PROP and r.e.d.STORATION is located at 37 N. Main St. New Hope; (215) 862-2725.

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