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  • What has New Hope Giant done to be so snubbed by its suppliers. Every nearby Giant or Shoprite no longer has shortages. NH Giant hasn’t had basic spices, rice, vinegar, paper towels, TP, Pam cooking spray for 2 months. Is it incompetence or is corporate putting them out of business?

    • Ha! New Hope Giant is the most poorly run supermarket I ever had the misfortune to live near. Corporate may have it in for them but that store has always been a slow moving disappointment.

      • I agree, this Giant has the poorest customer service I have ever witnessed. Not only are they inventory issues still going on, but the little things like keeping the tape on the scales in produce filled.I went in one day and they were all empty. There is no pro active customer service. Why the store has no inventory still is a mystery. I have moved a lot of my shopping down the road where they actually have people taking care of you.

        • Yeah I have always called their “customer service” counter the “ irony counter”. It’s the opposite of customer service. They’re only there to take money from degenerate gamblers playing the numbers. It’s 2 months since my last post and they still can’t stock their shelves. It took a full month just to switch a couple aisles. I give them a break during the dark days of Covid but in 4 months I’ve still yet to go and find everything on my list.

  • How many of the small businesses in New Hope will survive this shut down? Most barely survive during winter, this shutdown is happening at the worst time. Will be interesting to see how many survive this shutdown.

  • Well, the River Cat Cafe is being forced to close it’s doors
    by the NH Borough Council and Zoning Board. What a travesty.
    These people should be ashamed of themselves. I know I am.
    This once lovely town is going down the tubes fast

    • You’re right on that. When I moved there in 1998 it was still a small town. I had a Victorian house on New St and we’d walk down to Main and have Sunday breakfast at diner owned by two sisters. The church that still was a church would ring its bells. Our backyard bordered the canal and we’d wave to the passengers pulled by bell-ringing mules. And heard the steam train whistle and horse carriages clopping down the street. No more – no canal, no steam train, no diner, no nothing. Now I learned they are building 5 story parking garage across the street from house I owned (and glad I sold and moved away from). New Hope is now just another north Philly suburb, including the crime that has crept in. Yecch.

  • I just cannot wrap my head around having to pay for parking when visiting a town where you will end up spending money at eateries and local businesses. I think all of the empty store fronts are saying it all! Where does the money go?

  • I’ve been quiet about the recent installation of the kiosks in New Hope, mostly because I wanted to give them a try whenever I visit town, and give them a fair chance at addressing parking and revenues, etc.

    But I have too say that the recent and sudden change of policy about using ParkMobil and credit card payments for parking have many residents AND visitors very angry.

    A resident told me that because the Borough claims they lose money on small ParkMobil transactions, they will not allow 1 or 2 hour parking using that system. Instead there is a mandatory 3-hour minimum. Their answer? Just use the kiosks for the short periods of time, and put in cash. Well, a couple of the kiosks I did try recently would not accept dollar bills! Another took 3 of the 4 quarters, but the 4th quarter kept dropping through to the bottom of the machine.

    Then a fellow visitor told me last week that his ParkMobil had a 4 hour minimum for parking, not the 3 that the Borough had stated. Yet another visitor said that they tried to use the ParkMobil at 8PM (one hour to go before enforcement stops). Still had a 3 hour minimum.

    If the Borough is trying to encourage visitation to their beautiful town, this is hardly the way to do it! And someone told me that Borough officials don’t have to pay to park, as they have parking privileges. So how could they possibly understand the frustration that those who pay to park are experiencing?

    Is anyone addressing this issue in town?

    • Good luck with that. This Borough Council is clueless. They are
      so anti-business. Have you seen how many empty storefronts there are in town. And if you want to make a change to the zoning, your are shot down. Now people will be so pissed off about the parking, they simply won’t come back, or better yet, go to Lambertville instead.

      • You are absolutely right, Joe. The borough council and the zoning board are a destructive force to New Hope. Now River Cat is closing on September 30th due to their small vindictive personalities. New Hope is done. Stick a fork in it. Try and count the empty storefronts. You’ll either lose count or lose interest due to the high number.

    • New Hope has become just a north Philly suburb. It has murders (Cosmo) for one and it has brutal club wielding cops. Canal is dry mess with old shopping carts dumped into it and no steam train anymore. It is a norther place – as Phillys would say. Go visit upstate PA or NY.

  • Hat’s off to the great Leon Redbone (who passed away recently). I became a fan during his SNL appearances. Acquired every album since then.

  • It really is a shame that the River Cat was denied the zoning variance. A successful fledgling business that provided jobs to many people may be forced to close it’s doors. That is simply unacceptable in a town that has so many empty storefronts. It was a welcome addition when you were driving into New Hope from south River Road. Shame on you New Hope zoning board.

    • What I don’t understand is the “nefarious” comment rendered by the owner of Jon and Peters. Really? Someone who opened a delicious breakfast restaurant at the south end of town – as a contribution to the community, an economic driver, an appealing tourist destination, and a job creator – is “nefarious”? Does Jon and Peters comply with all of the zoning and fire hazard requirements? How many other restaurants and businesses have similar violations?

      Kingsley reportedly complied with the enforcement complaints issued by the borough and her neighbor, the restaurant moved the dumpsters, they have stove vents that don’t blow smoke into Mr. Fernandez’s apartment building. They moved the outdoor seating to the proper setback requirements. Why is Fernandez so vindictive?

      Hasn’t Rivercat been “punished” enough by the borough – with all of the legal fees required to fight for the right to stay open, three zoning hearing board meetings, and typical small town bickering about this? Not to mention personal vendettas…Kingsley already stepped down as president of Council. So enough already. Let’s move on.

      I hope the appeal process will factor in the good that Rivercat has provided to New Hope. It’s made South Main St. come alive again, and is a delightful welcome to the town. As anyone can tell by the attendance at the 3 zoning hearing meetings, Rivercat has a lot of enthusiastic community support.

      This whole mess just shows how arbitrary some of these zoning decisions and “variances” can be – and we all suffer because of it.

  • I just heard that the Zoning Hearing Board denied Rivercat Cafe their variance request, and said they were in violation of the zoning laws prohibiting “prepared” foods (as opposed to pre-packaged foods). and that the associated retail space is denied as well. I’m sure they’ll appeal this ruling, which will take time to process – SO, I assume the restaurant will remain open during the appeal period.

    Any supporters of Rivercat Cafe should show their support by writing letters to the papers, or by actually having a delicious meal there as often as possible!

    Ironic that Rivercat was just voted best breakfast restaurant in Bucks County! And according to what I read, they addressed and complied with the complaints issued by their neighbor, George Fernandez. And now this.

    What a shame. Good luck, Rivercat! Many of us love your food and will keep supporting you!

    • Unbelievable.
      The most successful business to open in New Hope in years is being attacked, apparently from people who have a personal vendetta against the owner. Is it any wonder that half the store fronts in New Hope are for rent? The zoning board is seemingly out of control. Good luck to River Cat and shame on those who are committing this injustice to them. I suggest they research the meaning of the term karma.

  • I heard that the zoning hearing board’s decision about RiverCat Café is being put off until April 11…

    Another month of delay? Is there some rule that says the board can only meet once a month? Can’t they hold the final hearing in 2 weeks instead? I know they have to consider a lot of documentation, but it seems like a lot of delay. They must have all the documents by now. Can’t they read them at home, and then come back in a couple weeks to render their decision? To wait until April seems unfair and unreasonable, no matter what they decide.

    Makes me wonder whether this once-a-month meeting schedule is causing so many delays and backups that applicants find themselves tempted to just violate the zoning laws and go for it, rather than wait for months before their cases can be heard and decided.

    • I dunno. But, has anyone noticed how the railroad has not cleaned up the tracks this summer? It looks like hell and there is no more attention being paid to the mess. Why do they get away with this? Someone needs to be held accountable.

    • River Cat is providing a friendly, delicious place to sit and talk over coffee and breakfast. I would imagine that many of the area hotels send their guests to River Cat. Locals love it. The restaurant has brought in visitors and business, which New Hope needs.

      Why does a harasser need to mess things up? Reports and opinions expressed are that he wanted the building for himself, which one could only conclude that this is possibly an act of greed and vengeance. What a shame.

      Life’s too short. He should give up on this ridiculous endeavor and move on. I heard that there will be a zoning hearing coming up soon. Those who like River Cat should attend and show their support.

      • Agreed. A nice restaurant with nice people working there.
        It would be a shame if they shut it down. There are too many
        empty store fronts in New Hope as it is. Why drive out another business?

  • New Hope a Love Affair

    Life is all about connections
    Not only love and erections
    I moved her a few months ago
    And meeting people has been slow
    Falling, the first affliction
    Limited mobility and caused restriction
    But then I found Cornerstone physical therapy
    Which saved me from having psychotherapy
    Because in a shorter time frame
    They had me over being lame
    Bucks County Playhouse filled my days
    With the most entertaining plays
    And the fabulous library got its hooks
    By keeping me glued to many books

    So after only 4 months living here
    New Hope has to me endeared

    • I have lived in New Hope since 1980. It is the best place on Earth. I worked for Johnny Francis at the Canal House. I lived and worked at the Playhouse Inn in the early 80s (Pickes Bar with Alice and Ron Dunsmore, and Lou and Joan Venziale!) Does anybody remember Danny Windsor and John Barocas? I was a singing bartender at Odette’s from 1985 to 1991 ( oh, the stories I could tell!), I was a bartender at Zadars. I’m planning on documenting all this in a book. We’ll see. Such a wonderful town! Such wonderful unique times….

  • I hope everyone has had a chance to check out the new restaurant in town: Rivercat Cafe. ITS FANTASTIC!!! The breakfasts they serve are delicious, the place is beautiful, it has parking, outside dining. The staff are pleasant, knowledgeable and friendly. This is just what New Hope needed. They open at 6am during the week, and 7am on the weekends. I haven’t tried them for lunch yet, but plan to very soon. A few different restaurants have opened in town, but this one has a perfect formula. Check it out.

    • Yes, I have tried River Cat Cafe a couple times. Delicious and friendly! The coffee is great, the theme and the atmosphere are friendly, the staff is good, and the food is delicious!

      What I like is that they serve “regular” breakfasts along with more specialty offerings. Something for everyone…

      And they open early, which is great for tradespeople.

      AND they have tables, which is great for conversation.


  • Have you been harassed, assaulted or feared for your safety on the PECO trail in Solebury between Chapel Road and School Lane? If yes, please call the Bucks County DA.

    • Did it close? I never did get around to going in there. Did they do any local advertising? I never got a sense of what they were about.

      • I never went in either. I always meant to, just never did.
        McDonalds across the way continues to thrive. Guess that tells you something about American eating habits.

      • I don’t think they advertised/promoted themselves. A shame because New Hope really does need a reasonably priced lunch type place that offers healthy options.

        I really liked going there when they first opened and went regularly, but the last two times I was very disappointed, missing (or barely there) ingredients, veggies that were CLEARLY off, so I gave up.

  • Has everyone been keeping up with removing snow from sidewalks after a storm?

    We saw a couple walks in the town that still hadn’t been shoveled, long after the snow had stopped. It’s not only dangerous, but it prevents visitors from using the walks when they come here to shop or walk around.

    Is there still a fine, or is it enforced?

    Just curious. Thank you.

  • Nice job by the Chamber of Commerce on the Christmas Parade this past Sunday. One thing, they should coordinate the parade with the Logan Inn tree lighting. That would make it a nice seamless experience.

    • Agree! We went to the parade, which was fun, but didn’t stick around for the tree lighting. It would have been great if it had been a tighter, coordinated schedule with the parade leading directly to the tree lighting. There was a good turnout and I’m sure there will be more ideas for next year.

  • Any news or updates about the canal in New Hope? I walked along the towpath recently, and I noticed that one section of the canal has green scum/growth/weeds growing on top of the water, and the edge of the canal bank has tall trees and bushes growing there! I don’t remember that ever happening before. Usually the edges of the canal are mowed and trimmed. Not this year!

    What gives?

    Can the canal be flushed with pumped water to get rid of the green slime?


  • Here’s a couple questions about the restaurant activity in New Hope. First, I saw where a new Italian restaurant, Zio’s on the Rail, was moving into the site formerly occupied by Tastebuds on Ferry street. Then I drove by there this morning and there is an orange legal STOP WORK order on the front window. This was where a sandwich shop was originally supposed to be. Is this building cursed, or just a red-headed stepchild of the local zoning board. It seems like they can’t get anything done there without some kind of hassle.

    Also, what’s up with the Mansion Inn? The restaurant there, Royal T’s, seemed to be doing okay, with a decent bar crowd also. Now a sign in front says they are “temporarily” operation as a BYOB establishment. What happened to their liquor license?

    • That would please me immensely, so long as it isn’t an even larger store! Superfresh had it’s issues but I could be in and out in 15 minutes with my weeks worth of groceries. Giant is just too giant for me lol!

  • Anyone else here about the skimmer device that was installed by thieves on one of the self-check registers at Giant last week? I was taken for $500+ and I understand I was not the only victim.

    Naturally, this can happen anywhere but it figures that it happened at Giant, the worst-run supermarket I’ve ever had the misfortune to live near. I’m surprised the thieves just didn’t pick up and walk out with a register full of cash. I doubt the management would have even noticed. There’s always too busy huddling around the computer in the office (Have you ever tried to actually find an employee in one of the aisles to ask a question? Yeah, good luck with that!)

    Anyway, be careful with your debit card. I wonder if the local news will pick up this story? I understand Giant management told the investigator to “talk to our lawyer in Macungie”. Figures.

    • Funbud I laughed out loud when I read your post. It’s so true! Unfortunately, Giant is the only game in town right now, unless you want to travel to Flemington (not much better). Or Pennington.

    • Sorry about your unfortunate experience at Giant, Funbud. Just wonder whether Giant had surveillance footage of the incident?

      But I do want to put in a good word for Giant. I personally like the people who work there, and I think the store is great, despite the fact that it’s the only supermarket in town. Food is good, produce is fresh, bakery is wonderful!

      Lambertville should step up to the plate and encourage a supermarket to build there again. Besides the tired and true ACME, there used to be a good A&P, and then it was changed to an IGA. People in Lambertville have to get transportation to come to Giant, or get a ride to Flemington or Doylestown. Doesn’t seem fair to them.

      • Sorry, JaneAdele, but I can’t let your praise of Giant go without a response. I’ve lived in Solebury for 24+ years and this Giant is the worst supermarket I’ve ever dealt with. I dislike Giant as a chain (it’s not as bad as the late, unlamented Genaurdi’s, but it’s close), and the Solebury store is just egregiously bad. Before they remodeled the store, the office door used to be right inside the entrance (to the left). Guaranteed, every time you entered the store and glanced in the open office door, all the managers would be huddled in that office. Every.Single.Time. God forbid they be out in the aisles, actually assisting anyone. The last three times my husband or I asked for a manager, the response at the customer service desk was “He’s in the office”. Well, duh. It’s become a running joke at our house. One day a few months back the store was out of 1/2 & 1/2. Manager’s response was “The truck didn’t come in”. When queried if he had called to see where the truck was or if the truck was ever coming in, the response was a blank look. Useless.

        Also, Giant is overpriced and has a lousy selection. Some of the employees are nice, I’ll grant you, and I always wonder why they don’t find a job at a better supermarket. For the life of me, I can’t understand why a community as affluent and sophisticated as the New Hope-Solebury-Lambertville area couldn’t attract a better store, even a McCaffrey’s (McCaffreys is overprice with a lousy selection, also, but nicer). I try to keep my Giant purchases to a minimum (usually one item I forgot for a recipe) but getting my data stolen there just added insult to injury. The only balm is seeing my neighbors shopping at Shoprite in Flemington. We’ll smile and nod and say “You,too? Giants sucks, doesn’t it?”

        • I moved from New Hope to NC. If you want to know a supreme example of supermarkets it is Harris Teeters. They are progressing up north and hopefully will find NH. Regular groceries, health foods, sushi bar, etc.

  • Let’s hope some of the development projects get the green light in New Hope soon. New Hope needs them to prosper. Seeing the eyesore of Odette’s just continue in indefinitely
    is ridiculous.

  • I see the new Hope clothing store Change c Happens has moved next door from their previous location. They are now located in the old Cryer’s hardware store. What’s going in to where they were previously? The previous location has the windows covered in brown paper with “help wanted” signs. Does anyone know what business is moving in there?

  • Can anyone tell me what’s going on at the previous location of Tastebuds restaurant at the corner of Ferry Street and Stockton Avenue? I read it was going to be a sandwich shop and now it looks like the guy who owns the shop on Bridge Street at the Union Square entrance (with all the brick a brace outside) is running the place. Lots of the same bric a brac displayed there now….

    • I don’t know him personally, his name is Mark, and he owns the building, and runs Lucky’s Antiques on West Bridge Street. But you are correct, looks like deal fell through and he’s just putting stuff over there. I’ll ask him when I see him.

          • I was shopping at Lucky’s Antiques in early December and the owner was telling me the town had an issue with the venting and the solution was an expensive fix. She seemed perplexed since there was a restaurant operating there with the same venting. At the time (mid-Dec) she didn’t indicate to me that the deal fell through….Really hope that isn’t the case.

          • From this weeks Herald:
            “Although it appears the proposed New Hope Feedstore has fallen through, it’s just an illusion. Yes, an antiques shop is about to open at 49 West Ferry St., the former Tastebuds, that’s just a short-term deal. Geoff Molt, owner of Ambler Feedstore, still plans to open the New Hope gourmet burger and sandwich shop this spring.”

          • Thanks, Tom, I had high hopes for that place. But sure sounds like BS, IMO. Mark owns the building and Lucky’s…I’ll talk to him, when I see him. Don’t think he’d move a coke machine over there & open a store if the burger joint, a year behind schedule, is opening next month, although, of course, the Herald is the finest news that can be bought.

          • I’ve not seen how much inventory was moved there, but yes that is strange. I do know that Tom’s wife (I’m assuming that’s who I’ve been speaking to when i shop) was not very happy with how the town was handling the permit/inspection process…..seems like a common theme in these parts. There might be a story there since you don’t seem to mind poking the bear from time to time 🙂

            Fingers crossed, I think the Feed Store would be a nice addition to town.

            Thanks for keeping us informed.

          • Charlie –

            While you’re doing research, has there been any word on the “Salt House” gastropub that was purchased by the owners of the Raven? I noticed the work being done on the Inn on the water and completely forgot to peak in to see if there was any progress on transforming the former Hearth restaurant.

  • Warning to those couples who visit when the wife has a visible injury. After my wife had a fall and cut her nose (she couldn’t wear bandage so it would heal quicker), we walked to dinner. Well, some mentally challenged citizen called the police to accuse me of causing the injury. What?? We then get a visit from a not-very-nice officer who tried to coerce my wife into a false confession that it was not a fall. She didn’t take any of that since she is smart enough for those tricks. Small towns have small minds, and ones that are bored enough to cause trouble for others. So please heed my warning, there are some who are always peering out from the curtains.

  • I am writing in today to share my recent experience that I had with a New Hope Borough Police Officer.

    Last friday my wife, my 5yr old son, and myself took a trip to New Hope for the night. We had just gotten ice-cream and continued to walk for a little bit, this is when we were approached by a young New Hope Police Officer, this Police Officer engaged us in a friendly conversation, asking us things like “how did we like the town”, “where we went for dinner” – in general just a friendly conversation. We had a full 15 minute conversation with a police officer which is rare in today’s world. For it wasnt crime that made this officer come up to me and my family to talk, no, it was just a police officer trying to be friendly. This officer has changed my view on police from this night. He also talked to my son Aiden for a little bit and gave him a police sticker, (which my son is still wearing on his shirt today) At that moment somthing happened down the street. This officer ended the conversation by giving me a handshake and my son Aiden a high-five. The officer ran down the street to break up, what looked to be a fight
    Looking on the New Hope Borough Police Website I found the officer to be Danny Naftulin. The visitors and the tourists who come into New Hope should meet this fine gentleman, He defines what a police officer is suppose to show. Things like treating the community with respect, being friendly, engaging in conversation, making the community feel safe and welcome. (I had a life changing experience talking to Officer Naftulin and his supervisors and the council should know how respectful and professional he is)

    A tourist and vistor
    Kevin H. Macyntire

    • Kevin,

      Your correspondence about our son Dan Naftulin warrants a reply. As parents, we are so very thankful for your willingness to share your experience and are naturally proud of our son – a new police officer in New Hope.

      We always wondered about how he would be perceived in his new role – and now we know of at least one interaction.

      Thanks for taking the time to share and help to calm a new police officers parents anxiety.


      Eric & Michele Naftulin

  • Sorry to hear of the passing of Mitchell Davis but why is his notice not on the “Obits” page? Charlie, for some time now you’ve reported the death of friends and neighbors under the “Around Town” heading. I’m sure poor Ralph Smith would like to move along after over a year.

    • Good question! I decided to mix death notices into “around town” because they’re not all-inclusive, and often involve notable figures. Figured I could just remove the section from the front page, but forgot to remove it from the toolbar! Do you do affordable web development work, or just kvetch?

  • How many homes can they fit riverside on North Main Street? Noticed a new one going up across from Fred’s Breakfast where there used to be parking. New Hope can’t afford to lose any parking spaces. Was that lot owned privately or by the town?

    • The lot is owned by George Michael, just like half the parking in town. I’m pretty sure he is building the house on the property as well. While he isn’t doing anything wrong i dont think it is a very cool move. Parking in town has gotten so expensive its almost worth paying a $20 parking ticket and parking wherever you feel like.

  • Yo! All you cheap PA commuters who avoid the bridge toll on Rt. 202: just pay the damn dollar already! For years you’ve turned most weekday pm rush hours into traffic-clogged nightmares through the heart of Lambertville. You free-bridge parasites, the congestion problems you, yes YOU, have caused in this town are horrific–and they’re only getting worse. You misers are miserable. Stay the hell out of Lambertville on weekday afternoons, you beancounter weasels.

    • Those beancounter weasels who are clogging the streets of Lamberville on their way home from work are more cheap than you think. They live in PA to avoid paying NJ taxes.

  • Does anyone know what’s going on with the Ferry Market farmers market? ETA in terms of construction to convert the current 4 seasons mall and expected completion date?

    From their website they are taking application for vendors…..but no information on the expected opening. I wasn’t sure if I missed any information since I thought the plan was for it to be open this summer.

    • When I last stopped by the mall several weeks ago, the sign outside that read, “Coming Summer 2016,” with a picture, now only had the picture and no target date. Inside, two long-term retail spaces were still open for business. Two sources have said that those leases run into next year, and obviously mall owner Playhouse Inn had not reached agreement on buying them out at that time.

  • Some days are better than others. Last Sunday I found at the flea market two POW Bracelets. In the picture is one of them. POW bracelets were made back in 1970 to help Americans as the war in Vietnam was spiraling down to not forget those soldiers who were in POW camps all across North Viet Nam. You were supposed to go buy a bracelet with a name of a POW on it and wear it till they either came home or were confirmed dead. Loretta Johnson here in New Hope remembers selling them out of her store on Mechanic Street. I had one back then as a service man but lost it over the years and I never found out what happened to my guy. So yesterday I did a fast internet search and come to find out that both my found POW bracelet guys not only made it back alive from over 5 years in the infamous Hanoi Hilton but went on to successful lives. One was living with his family in Wisconsin and the second in Manhattan Beach, California. I got the phone number of the guy in the picture above and called it and left a message to the effect that if this was the POW etc I would send him back his bracelet. The second guy that lived in Ca. I didn’t know the phone number for but I knew a friend of mine that lived in Manhattan Beach. So I called her. When she asked the guys name to look it up in her local phone book she gasped and immediately said that this guy was not only a neighbor but was a friend of her family for years. So today I sent off the bracelet so that she could give it back to him. Then this morning I get a call from the wife of the first guy and she says that she would love to have me send her the bracelet and she would give it to her husband who is recovering in a VA hospital with the MERSA virus. Then I tell her about the other bracelet and she says that she and her husband have been friends with this guy and his family too for years. So here I am crying over the phone and the woman asks me if I wanted any money for the bracelet. I say “No thanks! It’s an honor to have known that I could do something to repay these guys for their service”. I mailed off the second bracelet today and felt wonderful. As I said, some days are better than others…!

  • Here’s a comment for ya…The New Hope Chamber of Commerce is about to elect a new slate of officers and choose its year old board and elect a new one. As last I knew, no one has decided to run for President. These days its a rough job and, although I’ve been accused of being “Clueless”,the job deserves IMO a dedicated person with a plan. There are really a lot of issues out there to consider in a plan. a partial list: the Chamber vs The “Other” Chamber, Does the Chamber only work strictly to promote the town or just Chamber members, and how to keep the Chamber as the Primary Business Association for New Hope. The Chamber needs to both widen and be inclusive and yet focused on its path right in front of it. Got anyone in mind for this 21st Century job? Please look at yourself and the bylaws…and apply!

    • I have 23 signatures from Chamber members. and more from folks who will join if I jump back in. Oh … tempting.
      On the other hand …..Why would anyone support and/or even affiliate themselves with such a losing moronic group of of tourists who call themselves a Chamber ? Law breaking drunks and women abusers? Surely not. Making threats against those who oppose? Please.
      Now…..know that certain members are good friends of mine and I will always have their backs. You know who you are . Or at least you should. It is sad that people in this town have so little knowledge and respect for what is right. Go figure. I’m sure I will see some of you on the street and at public functions. Please look the other way and pretend you don’t know me.

  • I’d like to take this conversation in a different direction. To see how people feel about what our town has to offer. There are so many great shops and services in our town – however what do you feel New Hope is lacking? What are we missing that would make our lives easier or more enjoyable. What shops or services could be improved upon?

    • How about getting the owners of the shopping center where
      Staples & CVS are to put a little money and attention into their property?

      Cracked pavement, faded markings, overgrown/aged landscaping, faded facades on the stores, an outdated entrance drive…need I go on? Not to mention the unsightly collection bins for dubious “charities” and the Chevy SUV with the For Sale sign that’s been parked along Bridge Street for months and months complete with a flat tire?

      Now that Super Fresh is no more you’d think they would spruce the place up a bit to attract potential renters.

      I wonder…does the town council even notice this? What do tourists and visitors think once they leave New Hope’s downtown in search of, say, CVS and instead of an attractive, upscale and updated shopping center they might expect in an affluent & sophisticated community they stumble upon this run down mess of an eyesore?

      • I agree, the shopping center is a mess. Totally owned by a out of town/state slum lords and the borough council is responsible for this hot mess. Just wait until a pedestrian is injured or killed, then no doubt the town will suffer.

      • Re – NChase

        You’re so right about the shopping center. The condition of that property given it’s location is terrible. I understand that our town council is more focused on “Main Street area” because of tourism, but if they can concern themselves with “signs” they should certainly be concerned about the upkeep of such a large parcel of land in town. Most tourists don’t see it, but the taxpayers have to live with it.

    • The sidewalks in New Hope suck. The amount of road signs is ridiculous. The new sign for the bank next to Melson’s is beyond ugly. The lack of safe, modern affordable housing is negligent and I hope the FEDS come in and fix this problem.

    • 1. re-cycling cans in high tourist traffic areas; 2. Reduce speeding on Main, W. Bridge, Ferry, and N. Mechanic, 3. Better balance in the business section between tourist-oriented shops and local service shops, e.g watch repair; 4. A great Jewish Deli open for lunch; 5. Reduce signage; 6. Some standardization and more attractive signage; 7. “Fast-track” the Zadar project; 8. A dog park! 9. More trees downtown; 10. Periodic New England style open town hall meetings; 11. Internet posting of key governmental meeting agendas and minutes.

    • Great question!
      New Hope is lacking sidewalks that are in good repair. I have friends who won’t even come to town because they are afraid of tripping on the sidewalks.

      Would also be nice to have a sit-down (table service) restaurant that is open for breakfast. By breakfast, I mean eggs, and not just pastries.

      A good Jewish-style deli. Maybe in the Four Seasons building?

    • I was disappointed to see that another Indian dress shop is going in where the pet supply store was. Does New Hope really need another Indian Dress shop…

    • Chiming in from the other side of the river, with little knowledge of NH politics, but here goes:

      My biggest concern is that there is nothing really regular for families to do together at night, besides go out to dinner (especially in the winter).

      The church in Lambertville has roller skating on Friday nights, but that is seasonal. Is anything done at the gyms at NH-S on weekend evenings?

      As a parent, I love the idea of current gymnastics-themed businesses in Doylestown, Newton and Flemington having “drop-off date” nights, where kids are looked after and the parents can go out for a couple hours. This exists in many spots around the area, but nothing is offered here.

      If the Bucks County Children’s Museum was open late and had “drop-off” date nights, I would certainly spend more money locally out at bars and restaurants with the wife. Don’t know if the BCCM has the liability insurance or the will to accommodate that, but if studied properly, it might be worth looking into.

      I’ve always harped about a bowling alley, but that would be nice as well. Would probably have to be located in Solebury due to space, but getting something like that downtown would be the key to get tourists to participate as well and not just have it as a local thing.

      As for the Super Fresh, Trader Joe’s would be sweet, but like a lot of the above, I wonder if we would fit that demographic profile.

      I realize that families aren’t necessarily the bread and butter of the New Hope economy, but (probably for selfish reasons) just throwing it out there if it is an untapped market.

      • Steve, you are so right. Family fun is not on the economic radar of New Hope or Solebury township. Historically, it never was, sadly. The only good thing about living here as a teen was minimum wage employment during the summer. After high school graduation, the kids don’t return. As a result, there are very few people between the age of 18-30 that can afford to live here. We need more affordable modern safe housing.

  • Trentonian, 8/31/10

    EWING — For the past year, suspended Ewing police Capt. David Morgan has sat home and collected more than $146,000 in salary plus benefits from the township while awaiting his disciplinary hearing — which was scheduled to start yesterday.

    But that hearing has been put off until October, which means Morgan will collect at least another two months salary, including the 4 percent pay hike that took effect on July 1 under police union contracts with the township.

    The postponement came yesterday morning after Kathryn Flicker, the hearing officer selected by the township, granted a motion by Morgan’s attorney, Robert Rottkamp, asking “for preliminary findings on procedural and substantive items.”

    Rottkamp afterward told The Trentonian that he must file his brief on Morgan’s behalf by Sept. 16 and the township’s attorney for this case, Charles Waldron, must file the township’s reply by Oct. 5. Rottkamp said he expects Flicker to rule in mid-October.

    Three witnesses who appeared yesterday in Town Hall’s council chambers, prepared to testify, included Police Capt. Robert Coulton, former township business administrator David W. Thompson, who “volunteered,” according to Rottkamp, and Ewing Police Internal Affairs Lt. Rocco Marucca.

    Other witnesses were scheduled to testify on Sept. 8 and 9, including Mayor Jack Ball.

    But that timetable is off now. So, what is Rottkamp hoping to prove through this legal maneuver?

    “I prefer that you ask the township’s attorney. I don’t want to embarrass the township,” he replied.

    Waldron did not return a call to his office seeking comment.

    And why has it taken so long to hold this disciplinary hearing, which the township hopes will end with Morgan’s termination?

    “That’s a good question,” Rottkamp replied, noting the legal fees are piling up.

    Morgan managed his own consulting firm from 1995 until 2009, when he was suspended, his attorney noted. “They won’t let him work while he is on suspension,” Rottkamp said.

    Morgan was cleared last March 16 following an investigation by the Mercer County Proecutor’s office, which found he did not break any laws when he began a new job with Princeton University while on terminal leave from the Ewing police before his official retirement began.

    Rottkamp said Morgan submitted his retirement papers to the township on Sept. 12, 2008, capping a 25-year police career, and he was on terminal leave leading up to his planned Sept. 1, 2009 retirement when he was suspended by the township on Aug. 24.

    Morgan was accused of using accrued sick days in the period before his retirement while working as the manager of life safety and security systems at Princeton’s University’s facilities department.

    He was forced to quit that job after Ewing Police Chief Coulton filed the departmental charges of abusing sick time. Coulton also referred the case to the county prosecutor for possible criminal charges of theft of services.

    Morgan, who claims township officials had approved his career plans before he took on his Princeton job, last December filed a notice of intent to sue the township for $6 million. He is seeking damages for lost wages at the university, civil rights violations, breach of good faith, defamation and malicious prosecution.

    Morgan could not be reached for comment last night.

    • Charlie, I know you have a general policy of “publish all comments” (as long as they’re not inflamatory). Could I request that you add an exception for this obnoxiously uncreative practice of pasting entire articles from other publications?

  • The Greater Lambertville New Hope Chamber of Comerce told everybody december 22 that they were cancelling fireworks which is a lie. They never even talked to anybody about holding them, they decided not to have new years fireworks in the late summer. They lied, and they’ve lied before. They care NOTHING about New Hope, we are only a “river town” to be pillaged for money. Its a boys club, run by no shop or restaurant owners, only a motgage guy and David Morgan. Google David Morgan’s name & you will see he was charged as a crooked police captain from E. Amwell NJ. How did he get his job. David D? It’s all crooked as the day is long in my view. Ask yourself why you give money to these people, like what $400 a year? Lamberville “New Hope” Chamber is a ponzi scheme don’t buy it, even if only because New Hope boro council backs it to divide the merchants. Truth. Shop local, join local, f___ Lambertville thieves trying to take shop owners money, now we know you lie, everyone now knows you lie. The stories are true.

  • Charlie I hope that video you posted on FB of the Monigan/Shaw donneybrook was just a teaser and you’re planning on writing a story. I dont know the backstory and the audio was only about half legible.

    • Benjy, I forget that not everybody lives this stuff…good question. I never planned on covering any part of the story. It’s not newsworthy to me. It started when three local students vied to be next year’s junior councilperson, obviously a non-voting educational opportunity. One was chosen, announced by a council member, and then another council member objected on behalf of one of the other local students, who was clearly qualified and disappointed. Of course, the obvious path of letting all three students be junior council members was not chosen. So, two councilpersons, one the president, had a debate on the topic at the meeting, which is what’s supposed to happen. Meanwhile, none of this is newsworthy IMO. Gerry Monigan at the Herald saw something in the story, and went with it. I saw his article, and thought “gee, should I have covered that?” but remembered watching the councilperson, who is retiring, bickering w Council President over a student appointment during one of the last meetings she will ever attend during her 16-year tenure. New Hope has significant challenges, not the least of which are looming budget shortfalls that will result in increased taxation of both residents and visitors (e.g. by tinkering with parking meters). Fighting over a red herring is typical, but not much of a legacy. Still not a news story to me. But Gerry published his, and the Council President disagreed with his depiction, and wrote a letter to the editor sharply criticizing his journalistic approach and abilities. He was clearly unhappy, as any reporter would be, and chose to let his views be known during the “public commentary” opportunity at the end of each meeting…hence the video. The video itself also is not newsworthy, but imminently watchable, if not riveting, if only because there finally was some heat and passion generated at a monthly public meeting that can often seem scripted, IMO. That’s why it’s on Facebook, not the Free Press news site. Fortunately no humans or animals were harmed in filming the fracas.

      • IMO (since we are using the vernacular)this is just the thing we all need to hear about. We love hearing the Borough Council President completely losing it in the press. What better place to air our dirty undies than on page 10 of the local newspaper! The retiring official (who never should be called “retiring”) made the point that the kid from our local school should, of course, be given the job on the local council…DUH! Why was there even a vetting process?…SMACK! And then, OMG, the local reporter wrote about it…? This is great stuff! Can’t wait to hear what the “retiring” councilperson has to say about it. I’m on pins and needles!!

        But speaking to the retiring council person…Thanks Geri fro all your years of service to the community. I’m sorry you never learned the Roberts’ Rules of Order but I’ve always thought that “order” was overrated and mostly abused by those who DID understand it. In my classroom all they had to do was raise their hand. Enjoy your retirement and I look forward to your next life phase…whatever that may be.

    • Harris, I don’t mind you stating your opinion, I do sense your anger in my opposing view on the frivolous value of a coal powered tourist toy train in our real life town. This in not a make believe theme park town/world, where grown man with the means to pollute our air can not be held accountable for contributing to climate change. Put the stupid trains entombed in a museum where they belong. Along with your confederate flag and gun collection.

      • Holy Hannah, Pink. That little steam train doesn’t suck the life out of the earth or atmosphere. I would venture to say that the trains have been here far longer than you. Thank your lucky stars that tourists come to NH – how did you first arrive? There was a saying “Keep New Hope green. Spend money”. There was also a story in the not too distant past about a newcomer who bought a house in town and then decried “That damned train is too noisy!!!” I hope she was laughed out of town. Please remember that all those who move to town absolutely “need” to be the last ones in and make sure the gate is closed. BTW, New Hope has always been a “real life town”. How about getting a life of your own?

        • Commenting on this page about the state of affairs in New Hope cannot be seen as not having a life of my own. Get over your righteousness. I can state my opinions and you your’s and continue living a very full life. I will take this conversation into a new direction: not only rid the town of the polluting monsters and the dump they have created on their property, but to continue to invest money in the canal for pseudo historical thrill rides on the canal is asinine. New Hope wants to be Disney World, but it can’t and never will achieve that level of cult status, thankfully.

      • That’s beautiful dude. Anyone who calls you on your silly “New Hope train causes global warming, er, I mean climate change” comment is a racist and a gun nut. Also gotta love the oh-so-superior “I’m a local and New Hope tourists are such a declasse annoyance” attitude. Sorry Pink but New Hope was a tourist town decades before your hero Al Gore even invented the internet

    • Calm down Pink. The earth isn’t going anywhere. The climate will change as it always has. Humans will adapt like we have for thousands of years. And to put things in perspective, humans are insignificant specks on the thin, solidified crust of a sphere of molten rock and iron. Our existence here is a fluke anyway.

      So relax. Enjoy life while you have it. Might I suggest a relaxing ride on an antique steam locomotive?

  • Jack, thanks for your comment about the irritating experience that we share while voting in New Hope Borough. What can we do about the way those people hang around the entrance and pounce on us? There has got to be an ethics board on voting procedures that can end that practice. Those people should be congregating at the bottom of the hill, not near the entrance.

  • Could not agree more, Pink. Electioneering at polling places is illegal but the Borough obviously does not enforce it. In any election I have several candidates that I have a strong opinion about…in the other races I always make a note of the slimeball politicians (sorry to be redundant) who invade my space outside the polling place…and I make it my mission to vote against them.

  • I’d like to vent about voting in New Hope. When I arrive at the old Saint Marin’s church I feel a sense of dread. I don’t like having to walk between, around and past the people who are running for an elected position and party members. I get a barrage of input from these people and I find that to be very disturbing. I don’t like to be asked to donate to any organization while there as well. Nor do I like them to thank me for voting. I am not a child that needs their validation for being a citizen. Is all of this legal?

  • Does anyone know what event is taking place at the new Hotel Du Village tonight? I see Spotlights waving around in the sky, lots of cars, it looks like a really fun party….my invite must have gotten lost in the snail mail…

  • To Ellen C, that was a very unfortunate event, but it won’t keep the quarry trucks off the road. In fact, I read something once that many motorists doing that kind of work on the side of the road do get struck by drivers who subconsciously will veer towards them.

    • PF:
      So if killing motorists is not enough to stop trucks what about: destroying the roads, huge overloaded speeding trucks flying through our narrow
      main street,and the Quarry exceeding their permits and
      over digging thereby destroying our water table for
      generations to come…Pink Flamingo. I read something about self interested people writing non-sense on
      public forums once and I read that they should go to
      a place where other clueless people live. Or maybe, you
      should move near the quarry and change your tire as an
      experiment. Let me know how it works out.

      • Dear DM,

        What keeps trucks on the road is our out of control consumption of goods. Stop buying stuff, less trucks on the roads. The quarry will implode on its self in a few years. So be patient. I don’t know how to change a tire. And since I know a few things, I wouldn’t be on the side of road for fear of being run over. Hope that satisfies you.

  • A little sensitive Herb? Take a deep breath dude and read my post again. Then brush up on your New Hope Ineffectual Self Important Local Business Group scandal history. The Christmas party thrown at the Raven where members gave each other cash awards (i.e., defrauded their constituents) occurred in 2013 and was perpetrated by the CoC.

    • Just get the story straight…by the way my name is Greg Gauthier, and not Blue Iris, Purpke nurpple, violet arss…..
      We fell short on donations…period.
      Anybody who wishes to come and discuss the issue, please come and visit me at my shoppe, the one I invested in, the one I own and the one I look to expand….look up carpet baggers blue boy/girl….we have been around for 40 years…and not going anywhere!!!
      What’s ur business by the way? Your real name, even the basement you spend your time discussing things you have no idea what your talking about.
      Lastly, I am one of 40 people involved in the holiday activities, what are you doing blue berry./purple lips….are you helping…..
      P.S. How did u like the tree lighting last year…….? Up until now, it was thought to be great…..even the kids liked it….you know the kids that according to you don’t belong in New Hope……

      Again, come on down and let’s discuss the issues. No laptop required…

      • The reading comprehension and sense of irony (i.e., lack of both) of you local business consortia types is remarkable. Makes the Xmas tree thing, fireworks fiasco, and myriad whitewashed storefronts make more sense. I’ll try again…my original post is a commentary on the scandal (theft in my opinion) of the 2013 CoC Holiday party where they raided their own treasury and awarded themselves cash gifts. It’s not about the XMas tree last year. But on that subject…stiffing vendors, Greg, may be your normal way of doing business. Unethical but not a crime.

  • Dear Blue Iris,
    As the former Executive Director of the New Hope Business Alliance, I would like to clarify several issues that you recently posted. In October of 2014 the Greater New Hope Chamber of Commerce was on hiatus and our fear was that New Hope would not have its annual Christmas tree lighting and festivities. A number of concerned merchants pulled together and informally formed the New Hope Business Alliance with the hope of saving the holiday season for New Hope, its residents and visitors.
    Both George Fernandez and Greg Gautier spear headed the difficult task of fundraising for the purchase of the lights for the tree.
    As the New Hope Business Alliance was a newly formed group without officers or a bank account, all of the donations were given to the Eagle Fire Co. and they issued checks to the appropriate vendors regarding the lighting of the tree. For their efforts we promised to give the Eagle a donation. Unfortunately, there was an $800.00 short fall in donations and we could not give the Eagle anything.
    Both George and Greg said that they would split the $800.00 short fall. The holiday tree lighting and festivities was a grass roots effort by a number of hard working New Hope business owners.
    To set the record straight, there was not any paid holiday party for the New Hope Business Alliance. The only holiday party that the alliance was involved in last year was hosted by Havana restaurant and Mark Stevens. Aside from being a holiday party it was also a food drive for Fisherman’s Mark and a toy drive for the children of Doylestown Hospital and A Woman’s Place.
    In late Jan. or early Feb. of this year when the New Hope Business Alliance was forming an official organization, I was approached by Greg who stated that the alliance should reimburse him for the $400.00 that he paid out of pocket for the balance of the lights. I told him that it was his promise to cover the short fall as the alliance was never involved in his private negotiations or agreements.
    In the future, before posting comments about any group or organization, do your homework and get all of the facts.
    Herb Millman

    • So the Lambertville Chamber picked Gauthier to run new hope’s christmas program? What were you thinking Dave? New Hope doesnt need carpetbaggers like you running crud, in New Hope, were not children New Hope is the main draw, the tail doesnt wag the dog. you cant takeover a competitor by copying their name. You have a deadbeat running xmas for new hope. thanks.


      • Dear Purple Organ,
        Maybe you should fact check before you shoot your mouth off. Greg Gauthier is not running the Christmas Program, he is a volunteer. And Dave is a class act who works harder for these towns than any of you.
        Your attitude and those that you associate with are the reason that NH is divided, you can’t seem to move forward and do things that will help the town. You live in negativity along with all the rest of the MUTTS who eat peanuts and think they are solving the problems of NH. All you do is cause more angst and make people want to puke.
        There is no competition, and when you and your MUTTS realize that New Hope is moving forward without their tired, sad, negative asses maybe they will lie down and shut up.
        I’ve never seen so much negativity come out of such a small town. What’s wrong with you people? Thankfully the GLNHCC decided to step up and be professional and represent our businesses and communities and help keep things moving forward. Let’s be grateful of all of the things they have done with great leadership by the way. Notice they never comment on any of the bull you all write, they are a class act all of them. At least they don’t stab each other in the back like you all do. Real class act Herb they way you and Jim Jolly pushed Linda Schiatti out of the Business Alliance. And how many members does the ex business alliance have? 2.. What a waste it’s an embarrassment to the town. And John Danahur and Jim Jolly going at each other’s throats. Who in their right mind would join that CHAMBER, it’s a joke… And now a merger, Of what? 20 members. What do you get with you membership anyway? Have you done any events to bring business to town? Have you made anything family friendly, like the fireworks. Why didn’t you help with that? And now you all cry because you can’t bring cookies to the Tree Lighting. Well thank god the Logan Inn is taking care of the food. You want to do something Purple Organ(nice name you pervert) go away and take the crew eating peanuts at MUG MAN’s shop.
        You are all pitiful and hurting this town but you don’t really care about this town do you, because if you did then you would be doing things to help make it successful and work together to bring business here and make our businesses happy and help promote business. It’s sad you’d rather fester on some stoop smoking cigarettes with Herb Millman or at some Mug Shop eating peanuts.

        • Hey Jack!…we don’t just eat peanuts here ya know!… and although they are a recommended food product we also have other foods available. It’s fun and we don’t take ourselves half as seriously as you make us out to be. Take a couple minutes away from your typewriter and drop by sometime.

        • Lighten up Francis.

          Really, impressive fact checking and story telling here on the Yenta. I think it might be time to move on from 2013. Just maybe.

          All this energy and passion must surely spell great things in the future for New Hope. We just need to find a way to convert this angst into action. Seriously though, most towns similar to New Hope are lucky to have this level of engagement.


          PS. Peanuts are great, give them a try.

  • Good Day,

    I have taken the liberty of addressing this to the New Hope Chamber, The Greater Lambertville/New Hope Chamber and the New Hope Business Alliance as I am not sure who this should be going to, if any of you.

    As some of you may know, Outdoor Decor was asked by my friend George Fernandez last year to pull a rabbit out of our bag of tricks and handle the New Hope Tree lighting with less than two weeks notice. Despite being warned by many people in town to stay clear, I agreed to do it under the following conditions: we would install and take down the lights free of charge with the help of a locally donated bucket truck, which did help with the install, but did not show up as promised for the take down which we managed to handle and that I get paid my cost for the lights which had to be flown in from Chicago and LA. Pretty simple I assumed.

    I provided a target budget and came in thousands less. From the outset we had a problem getting paid with countless stories about what bank account the money was coming from, waiting for promised donations and on and on. This despite the fact I was told before I agreed to do this that the NHBA had the money. After all was said and done ( and George writing two personal checks for $400.00) there was still a balance unpaid of $400.00. Sometime around the 10th broken promised of payment by Greg Gauthier (and at the same time reading in the local press about how everyone was paid) I told Greg that unless payment was made I would be offering the lights to some of my customers to cover our loss. After 19 broken promises I gave up any hope of getting paid and carried through with selling the lights this spring.

    The reason for letting you know this is that today George received a call from Greg saying he wanted to know where the lights were and that he had the balance of my payment. Interesting, Greg knows where I live right here in town, has my cell # and e-mail, but because of his mishandling of payments tried to put George in the middle. FYI, I was told at the outset that no one would get a cent until Outdoor Decor was paid in full, just one more broken promise.

    We our about to start our 16th year of Christmas lighting and I have only once been not paid in full.

    Steve Fiala

  • I really like this column, but wouldn’t it make more sense to sort the comments from most recent to oldest? No one wants to scroll all the way down to the bottom to see the newest comments!

  • Now there’s a great idea. Let’s turn New Hope into a microcosm of California. Where only very rich, very poor, or very government-employed people can thrive…and everyone else is forced to move elsewhere.

  • There is a clear bias toward rich people and well healed organizations in New Hope; they get what they want. Fire company,Playhouse,Odettes, Logan, Scatapico, Councilmen, Michael, slowly destroying the quaintness of the town…and nobody says a word. Everybody else gets a hard time…
    Undemocratic, unfair and UnAmerican. The favor mill spins and
    the backroom deals get made.

  • Now there are two crappy banners on the property of the Eagle Fire Company and they are too close to the road. Why not just erect a billboard with electronic messages and sell used cars and really make the intersection beautiful.

  • Has anyone see the massive banner at The Eagle Fire Company advertising their Open House? Who are they screaming their event to? Extraterrestrials? Honestly, its obnoxious.

    • The banner is perhaps placed a bit close to the street but otherwise I didn’t find it offensive. On the other hand, the event is only once a year and they need to catch the public’s eye.

  • Improve the sidewalks by getting rid of the parking meters. Seriously, the sidewalks in New Hope are so dangerous. Besides the meters, road signs and enormous trees and their roots, the sidewalks are terrible. Every morning I see a man power walking on the street, and I am assuming its because the sidewalks are so uneven. One would have to look down the entire time to avoid tripping.

    • The New Hope meter angel who i beleive lives in lambertville is stealing revenue from New Hope. Parking tickets are a necessary evil to fund the cost of keeping our town clean and attractive for tourists. Reduced parking ticket revenue will lead to even higher property taxes which are already out of sight!

      • A fool feeds the Crocodile who eats us. More quality happy visitors spending freely, means less taxes!
        Your unwavering faith in funding the THIEVES in Borough government via a wildly inefficient and corrupt tax scheme astounds.
        Want your taxes to go down? Cut unnecessary Town expenses, return properties to the tax role,
        end the costly and burdensome regulation of business here, elect true fiscally responsible Conservatives to Local government
        and strongly help encourage more quality distant visitors. Parking revenue is down because, even though the region is amazing for tourism,
        many fear the parking ticket nightmare as well as the unwarranted abuse of the biker community. So you really believe that MORE fines, fees and taxes
        will be any more WISELY spent then those currently collected? (wasted)

        Where were you for example, when the Borough GAVE away the NH Visitor Center to a Liberal Tax Exempt Behemoth.
        Your silent selfishness here exacerbates New Hope business’ fail rate and encourages the scam Business Privilege Tax,
        proposed commercial building inspection scam and noise ordinance Rev It Down scam and the tree scam and the…..

        It is cowardly to say that “parking tickets are a necessary evil”. To paraphrase Martin Niemöller: first they came for the business’s and I did not speak out.
        Because I was not a business. We Meter Angels are hardly thieves and freely volunteer OUR money and OUR time to make Sherwood Forest a better destination
        and a more friendly town. Expect to see our numbers grow and activities increase many fold. One Quarter At A Time!

  • oh, Ginger E, the adult costume shop is just that. The fire company on the other hand, is not in the business of selling used cars and tractors. Both are harmless, but the fire company is misusing their role in the community. That I think is trashy.

  • After reading the “trashy” comment, what comes to mind is the “adult” clothing (costume?) store next to the family-friendly ice cream and waffle store. Sad that we must pass by those in-your-face mannequins, etc. on the way to a yummy snack.

    • The adult store has been there for years, the ice cream place didn’t HAVE to choose that address as their location. I grew up in New Hope and seeing corsets and short skirts displayed outside a shop certainly did not adversely affect me in any way. Their displays are no worse then what families see anytime they watch TV.

  • Regarding the out dated history books at New Hope Solebury HS: I am hoping that the teachers are using other resource materials and not just relying on those books. Let’s wait and see how the district responds to this situation.

  • I wonder what New Hope Crushed Stoned is valued at? Could they be bought out and then have a zip-line installed for recreation?! Sadly I doubt there are any members of Mensa using their brains they were born with to make the planet better.

  • Kit:
    I live on N. Main St. and the motorcycles do not really bother me as they rarely pass; again, it’s the constant flow of hundreds of trucks daily that are not only noisy, but extremely dangerous…can’t wait to hear what knee jerk reaction our town elders have when someone is killed or injured by a speeding, overloaded trucks which leave from an illegal mine…will it be stronger than the dangerous dog controversy that we are overreacting to now??? Also, have not heard anything about the pollution, sinking soil, and the destruction of our water table that the continued illegal digging at the mine is causing; as they dig well beyond their permitted depth…what will we tell our children when they grow up and all our water is polluted?
    “Sorry Johny,some old men who live in Florida were permitted
    to destroy your water, despite the fact that everyone knew and lookedthe other way…” Can’t wait to hear from the many defender of the destruction to our soil and water; these supporters are the same mensa memebers that think that there is no global warming…bring it.

  • Dom, you’re a delight. Somehow your d-bag comment, unsurprisingly, suggests your intelligence and educational level, thereby negating anything that you may say. It doesn’t appear that the education system worked for you regardless of the dollars spent. Why don’t you and Pink enlighten us all with your productive accomplishments.

  • And what is still to be done about unnecessary motorcycle revving? It ruins the whole atmosphere. I live a block away from Main St and can’t even converse with my guests. No one is impressed by the sound and it’s certainly no “chick magnet”. To those who defend it as part of New Hope (“this isn’t a quiet New England town!”) shall I then put speakers on the canal and blast Guns’nRoses??

  • George, just tell the kids who are volunteering their time for their school that you refuse to pay because you’re a local and an old grouch who resents paying school taxes because you don’t have kids in school and don’t have a grasp of the concept of the collective good. Believe me you will have successfully intimidated a 15 year old into letting you go. For every 100 nice people they see, I’m sure they see a couple d-bags like you so it won’t be anything new to them

  • Geo, Well, I guess you could tell the high schools students who are volunteering their time to raise money for their education, which apparently isn’t as great as it was last year, that you are not paying to park since you are a local tax payer. Is that the message you want to pass onto the next generation? If you want to renounce your citizenship, that has to be done while you are living abroad, by the way.

  • Pink, gratefulness has nothing to do with it. This is not a “participation award.” You, obviously, miss the point. Through decades of hard work I have earned my place here. After my ongoing taxation has helped to purchase and maintain that parking lot and facility, how many more times should one be asked to “donate?”

  • I’m a resident and pay thousands in New Hope school taxes. However, on those occasions when I wish to park in the school parking lot on weekends I am shamed into making a donation. When is enough, enough? Proof of residency should be enough.

  • Last night at around 8pm I experienced the wonderful sight, smells and sounds of road work on West Bridge Street and 202. There really is nothing better than witnessing infrastructure improvements. The New 202, beginning in Doylestown is down right sexy. Its as dreamy as the Yellow Brick Road in The Wizard of Oz. But sadly, we have nothing like that in our neck of the woods. Last night, the lights, steam and roar of the engines was like the opening of a Skrillex concert. Awesome. Can’t wait to experience the ride on a newly made smooth road in my dog friendly SUV.

  • Does anyone care about the lack of accessible pedestrian access into the Super Fresh-Staples-CVS, etc…shopping center? Is the person made dirt path at the corner of the shopping center and St. Martin’s Church safe?

  • Glad to see the much needed work finally being done to West Bridge St. What’s the deal with the land clearing on 202 between the soccer fields and the toll bridge?

  • why is a former cop from e amwell who got sued by the town for double dipping on his pension, w no non profit experience, no biz or fundraising or marketing experience running lambertville’s chamber for 75 grand a year? Friends w King David?

    • The forum to which you refer that once used the common yiddish word ‘yenta’ stopped publishing in 2010. The “newhopepa” site to which you refer went dead in 2009. There are no stores, or events or news listed since 2009; in some cases 2004. If you know who used to administrate, tell them to do some work and start publishing something again, there are many, many forums and Facebook pages and groups on New Hope out there today…but people are still afraid to speak out. A dead, out of date site with the name ‘New Hope PA’ is damaging to tourism IMO b/c it can confuse potential visitors, and dilute all the other sites called ‘New Hope PA.’ If they want to start actually publishing information and unedited reader comments, we’ll find another yiddish word to use, there’s lots.

  • Is anyone else tired of the same bad 8-track tape music
    playing in front of Spatolas; the only thing worse than
    there food is their choice of music.

  • To answer Tom and Fred’s inquiry about paving West Bridge Street. I recently noticed several holes filled in in the area of the school district. This pathetic repair is not acceptable to me nor should it be acceptable to others. The whole area has to be repaved.

  • I can’t imagine any real data security at either Park Mobile or New Hope Borough. It’s all unprotected zeros and ones.
    Any hacker kid could have a ball with the time unlimited storage. Vehicle data should have an extremely limited shelf life.

  • Mid spring it was reported in The Bucks County Herald that West Bridge Street from Sugan to Main Street would be resurfaced in June. It’s now almost August and the much needed work is not done. What’s up????

  • It’s time for John Burke to retire, and it’s time for Larason to either do his job or quit. Look at the Studio art place at 17 west Mechanic Street….huge lit sign on side of building, a million signs all over front far beyond whats legal. Guess theres two sets of zoning laws in NH…those who have friends on borough council and the rest of us.

    • Terry, the “sign” you refer to on 17 W. Mechanic St was put up to replace the painted over art work that was there for years and was looking pretty bad when Terry Meehan bought the building. What is there now is a framed piece of art that is actually “for sale.” The “Best Of” banners have always been allowed to be displayed all over town and the building looks 100% better at night when it is lit up rather than being a Black Hole that it once was. The problem you talk about is what can anyone do about it if one finds it offensive when it appears that those whose duty is to patrol such things don’t seem to be doing the job. It seems very obvious when one looks around town that a lot of people are just doing whatever they want with sidewalk signs and banners and such. My friends on Borough Council say it’s not their job to patrol…they just make the rules. I’ve been telling people that in the face of the fact that no one seems to be regulating anything that perhaps it’s time we started regulating ourselves. Banners are temporary outside signs that should come in at night. Neon signs are allowed inside stores and should be OFF at night. Non permitted painted signs on buildings should be painted over. Sandwich Board signs should not block the sidewalks and should leave at least 4 feet for people to pass safely. A business may not place a sign off of their property on the street corner or on the cannon. There’s a few of the rules for signs…go for it!

  • Can anyone explain to me how we permit large trucks filled with tons of
    gravel to fly through Main Street in New Hope. In case you haven’t noticed
    200 to 300 trucks fly through town everyday. I wonder what will be said when
    someone is killed or badly injured by an overloaded speeding truck.
    Any thoughts?


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