House of Jerky in New Hope offers taste of the exotic

New Hope House of jerkyThe House of Jerky has arrived at 102 S. Main St., and New Hope may never be the same.

Just as Gerenser’s Ice Cream embodied the word “exotic,” so has this meat purveyor assembled a truly unusual menagerie of dried fauna. The list includes the requisite dried beef, venison, trout and salmon, but goes on to include delicacies like mako shark, python, snapping turtle, kangaroo, wild boar, elk and ahi tuna, among others.

Owners Gregory and Amy Vagelatos already run a successful House of Jerky shop in Jim Thorpe, PA, but decided to add a New Hope location because of “the foot traffic on the weekends,” according to Gregory. He says that his wife will come and join him in New Hope for a few days each week this summer.

New Hope can always use another fresh face in its retail landscape, and House of Jerky is certainly working a more original retail angle.

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