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Tuesday’s meeting of Lambertville City Council relatively uneventful

Lambertville City Hall (file)

By Karen Taylor

The public portion of Tuesday’s meeting lasted a mere eleven minutes. Only the mayor and council people Taylor and Urbish were present. They rapidly approved 10 sets of minutes, the bills list and two proclamations.

One proclamation acknowledged the work of Lt. Brown and Kari Osmond in negotiating the loan of a street sweeper from Mercer County. The second proclamation was to thank the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission for hanging the city’s holiday decorations and for assisting with business outreach.

The consent agenda was also passed with the exception of Resolution 157 which deals with the acquisition of the Closson property. It will be considered at a later meeting. Among the resolutions passed was one to suspend use of the street sweeper from Dec. 14 to March 8.

Mayor Fahl announced that city hall employees are returning to remote work due to the spike in the pandemic. They will still be working full time. The annual Christmas tree and menorah lightings have been cancelled for the same reason.

Resumes can still be submitted to the mayor for appointments to commissions, committees and boards.

Leaves and brush can be dropped at the Convenience Center on Wednesday, Dec. 16 from 3 to 5 p.m.

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  • Here’s something you could write about the New Hope borough council.
    There is a ticket blitz going on here and the residents of W. Ferry Street are taking the brunt of it. We buy a parking permit that isn’t worth the paper that it is printed on. (Example: permit allows us free parking on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to noon. We must then feed parking kiosk for next 9 hours @ $1.50 per hour. You do the math.) Our free parking time has been reduced by 21 hours per week. Residents are being ticketed at an unprecedented rate. (Parking tickets have very recently been raised from $20 to $35!) I have spoken to the Mayor, the Borough Manager and a member of the Council. I have gotten the same response from each: “I’ll look into it.” You know what that means.

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