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Lambertville Council President Steve Stegman resigns

Lambertville Council President Steven M. Stegman

The City of Lambertville announced today that Council President Steve Stegman has resigned, citing his need to devote his energy to family obligations.

“Pressing family obligations will unfortunately not leave enough time for me to continue to perform my council duties at the level that the people of Lambertville deserve,” said Stegman. “I appreciate the opportunities I have been given by the voters during my years in office. I am proud of the accomplishments that the Mayor and Council have achieved during my time as part of the governing body. I look forward to continuing to actively participate in the civic life of the city I love as a private citizen.”

“Serving on the Council for nearly 18 years, Council President Stegman led the successful effort to preserve the historical integrity of the central business district,” noted city officials in a statement. “He was a champion of protecting open space and the environment. As a former president of the Lambertville Chamber of Commerce, Steve brought the needed perspective of a small business owner to the council.”

“Council President Steve Stegman has been central to all we have accomplished,” said Lambertville Mayor Dave Del Vecchio. “His dedication, hard work, intelligence and love of this city made him an outstanding council member and a respected leader in our community.”

As required by state law, the Lambertville Democratic Committee will meet to choose three potential replacements from which the governing body will select one person to complete the rest of Council President Stegman’s term, according to the city.

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  • I have always liked Steve, appreciated his efforts and agree that additional input to Lambertville’s future is good. I wish Steve all the best. Since I come from, and our family participated in, the beginning of the Lambertville revival I see the city moving into the next generation. Maury Tome

    • I agree with Maury. We have been fortunate in Lville to have such committed public servants as Dave and Steve. Let’s welcome and support change for the next generation of citizens.

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