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New Hope General Store Offers Casual Family Fare Right Downtown

This joint is going to kill it.

Opening Sunday, New Hope General Store at 18 N. Main St. is the classic snack shop that New Hope has been missing forever.

Locals and tourists alike have been whispering among themselves for years that an affordable casual dining spot downtown could make a mint. A quick chat with the owners and glance at the menu reveals a business model that could finally bring reasonable outdoor family fare to Main Street.

“We want to be the local hangout,” said co-owner Jennifer Kennedy-Kranz. “…a place where people can come and work, or eat with their kids, and be outside.”

Jennifer and husband Brad moved to New Hope two years ago from Manhattan, where they ran a couple of cheese steak restaurants. Brad’s childhood friend lives in Lambertville, and the couple were drawn to New Hope by a well-regarded school system for their daughter, now six years old. Jennifer serves as secretary for the New Hope-Solebury Education Fund, and vice-president of the Home School Association. She first noticed the need for another snack option downtown during walks to the library and Farley’s Bookshop with her daughter.

“There’s no place to just grab something quick,” observed Jennifer. “I don’t want to pay $15 for a burger that my daughter is going to eat a third of, and not want any more.”

New Hope General Store is less a kosher delicatessen than a classic country snack spot, and the cheese steak ($9.99) is their signature dish. Served on an Amoroso’s roll with or without onions, the steak or chicken sandwich comes with a choice of American cheese, provolone, or Cheese Whiz.

Beef or veggie burgers ($7.99) come with lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese, and bacon can be added for $1. Another fun choice is a pair of Boar’s Head all-beef hot dogs on soft buns ($6.99), with sauerkraut, chili, onions, and Cheese Whiz as add-ons.

Sofia’s Sweets.

The General Store also offers a grilled chicken sandwich with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and herb mayo served on a brioche ($8.99); sweet Italian sausage with onions and peppers on a roll ($7.99); and a gooey grilled cheese sandwich on country bread ($4.99).

Other choices include a pastrami sandwich, “Jersey” deli subs, and an array of salad choices. Among the sides are crinkle cut fries, sweet potato fries, mozzarella moons, chicken fingers, beef chili, and kosher dill pickles.

Looking for dessert? The adjoining Sofia’s Sweets, named for the Kranz’s daughter, features Bassets Ice Cream, Pierre’s Chocolates, candy apples, and an assortment of bagged candy and beverages.

New Hope General Store will be open 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

“We want people to come after dinner and have dessert outside,” Jennifer explained.

We’ll say it again: this place has “hit” written all over it.


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  • Best wishes to the New Hope General Store! Sounds like a great idea, and a much-needed one. Casual fare is a must in a tourist town – especially when families come to visit and don’t need fancy fare. Visitors are always asking the locals where they can take their families to eat at a reasonable restaurant.

    I’ll bet that locals will love it too…

    One question: Is there indoor seating, or just patio seating?

  • Will this be a restaurant or a grocery store? I am confused. The old General Store was a deli-grocery store and there was no seating, dogs were allowed in and even welcomed. Good times.

  • “Jersey subs”! Can’t tell you how much I miss them since moving to PA one and a half years ago!
    The store sounds terrific! BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!! 🙂

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