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Undercover Diner: Solebury Vegetarian Restaurant Blends Eastern Flavors With American Classics

Our Undercover Diner explores a place in Solebury.

Credit: Undercover Diner

With some friends, we headed up lovely River Road to try a new venue called Dharma Bums for a late afternoon meal.

Along the scenic River Road, Dharma Bums replaces the old Apple Jack’s bar and grill with a fresh charm, inspired by Jack Kerouac’s 1958 novel. The name didn’t do much for me, but I remember the old Apple Jack’s bar and grill that was there for many years. Dharma Bums opened last summer.

The entrance mimicked a cask barrel and set the tone as you step away from the sunlight into a cozy dining room and bar filled with wooden stools.

The restaurant promised an all-vegetarian menu where Eastern flavors meet the comfort of a neighborhood bar and American classics. Inside, the basement bar and dining room, free from the distraction of televisions, offered a tranquil dining atmosphere, albeit a bit dimly lit for my taste.

The vegan cheesesteak was a delightful twist on the classic and featured savory shiitake mushrooms and caramelized onions on naan bread. We did enjoy the housemade cheese whiz. The grilled cheese sandwich, a mix of cheddar, American, and paneer cheeses on naan, was enhanced by a tangy tomato chutney. However, the showstopper was the “seitanwich” Reuben—layered with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and mustard on rye bread—a must-try.

Accompanying the meal was a plate of the crispy seitan wings and onion rings with a tasty sauce. If you don’t like them, they will at least start a conversation.

While none of us are vegan, the dishes impressed with their creativity and flavor. It proved to our party that vegetarian options can comfortably compete with their meat counterparts.

The bar complemented the meal well, offering an array of craft cocktails and beer, like the Japanese Sapporo Lager, wines, and mocktails.

Service was warm and inviting, though a bit slow. An increase in staff could smooth this out, however, we may have also been there on an off day.

Credit: Undercover Diner

While the menu might seem limited to some, its uniqueness invites exploration and satisfaction.

Post-meal, the outdoor area provided a lovely setting with games and a fire pit.

The tricky parking along River Road may confuse, but the nearby Delaware Canal and River offer scenic views that complement the dining experience. Maybe a nice after-dinner walk for your party!

Dharma Bums is a compliment to vegetarian cuisine and as satisfying as any traditional fare. The prices were worth your coin and the food was well worth it. It will be place we’ll certainly revisit.

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