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A Cool New Coffee Joint on North Main Street in New Hope

It’s not as if New Hope has a shortage of coffee shops.

There’s a Starbucks, a Dunkin’ Donuts, a cozy local coffee joint with ice cream, another with pastry, a new one at Ferry Market, and a long-delayed java palace on South Main Street.

Philip Sjostedt and crew at the Four Crows.

But the Cafe at the Four Crows adds a dash of music to their coffee and tea offerings, along with a solid selection of fresh juices and smoothies. A “coffee subscription” is available for $30 per month, providing free daily drip coffee, and 20% off all beverages.

What’s really cool is the breathtaking array of electric and acoustic guitars lining the walls, most of which look like they could be on display in a museum. Surprisingly, Four Crows co-owner Lanie Sjostedt invites customers to pick them up and rock out on the small stage near the front door, and the recording equipment, extra speakers, and pair of keyboards also lend an air of musical potentiality.

Jam sessions, open mics and other musical events spotlighting local talent are planned.

Guitars are obviously a passion for Philip Sjostedt, and the Four Crows is his brainchild. He’ll even sell you an axe for the right price, according to Lanie. Sjostedt keeps an office on the second floor of the building, where he also leases space to the new Love Your Life yoga studio.

The cafe itself feels open, but cozy, with high ceilings and grossly overstuffed couches. Staff was friendly, and the joe was tasty.

Best of all, the place is open until 9 p.m. on weekends — offering another splash of light and the scent of brewing coffee for an evening stroll on New Hope’s stately north side.

The Cafe at the Four Crows is located at 41 N. Main St. in New Hope.




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