New Hope Rockers ‘Cowbell Superstar’ Bring Glam Back to John and Peter’s July 8

Cowbell Superstar.

New Hope’s own Cowbell Superstar will bring their unique blend of glam, punk and metal to John and Peter’s on July 8.

At first glance, the group looks like another 70s hair band with a somewhat ghoulish flair, but the sound has a hard metal edge, and the band serves up some catchy tunes. Lead vocal/guitar Timm Mulhern dazzles onstage, not only because of his bodacious threads, but he also sports a gleaming silver hook in place of his left hand, tragically lost years ago. No matter — he nearly sets the strings ablaze with his right hand.

Mulhern wrote the songs before organizing the band.

“I wanted them to be played by fun people who were also great musicians,” he explained. “We’ve worked up a set of catchy rockers that, at times, are darkly funny, and don’t go on long enough to be boring.”

Joining Mulhern on lead guitar is Denny Gracey, along with rhythm guitar, background vocals and “antics.” Salvatore LaTorre cuts loose on drums, and Vivian Pacheco takes care of bass and backing vocals.

“We all agreed the show was as important as the music — a stage spectacle was necessary,” said Mulhern. “It’s important to us that the audience go home smiling and feeling thoroughly entertained.”

Check out their video. The whole scene is utterly outrageous.

Cowbell Superstar will appear at John and Peter’s, 96 S. Main St. in New Hope, at 9 p.m. on Saturday, July 8.






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