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Snow makes for a quiet Saturday night in Lambertville

Downtown Lambertville on Saturday night (Steve Chernoski)

Downtown Lambertville on Saturday night (Photo: Steve Chernoski)

The few sounds in downtown Lambertville Saturday night came from plow trucks accompanied by the occasional profanity overheard from other vehicles trying to navigate the slippery streets. Despite a state of emergency declared in New Jersey, some local businesses remained open to walkers willing to traverse the snowed-in sidewalks.

Rick’s Italian in Lambertville opened for an abbreviated dinner service. “I think we’re all going to have some champagne after this,” joked owner Alex Cormier.

A groups of local ventured out to Rick's in Lambertville on Saturday night (Steve Chernoski)

A group of locals ventured out to Rick’s in Lambertville (Photo: Steve Chernoski)

Rick’s server Donna Painter said business was the slowest during any extreme weather event, including Hurricane Sandy. “We’ve had one table of four and one order to go,” said Painter. “We hope people will be digging out and that it’ll be busy Sunday,” she continued.

Lambertville House had many room cancellations at the hotel, but the bar, Left Bank Lounge, was steady throughout the day. “We did what we would do on a normal Thursday . . . but it’s not Saturday business,” said manager Jennifer Wohl.

Lambertville Station's dining room on Saturday (Steve Chernoski)

Lambertville Station dining room on Saturday (Photo: Steve Chernoski)

Farther down Bridge Street, Lambertville Station bartender Andy Black mentioned that the crowd at the downstairs Station Pub was similar to that of a good Monday or Tuesday.

What else are we going to do here today? Sit at home and watch TV?” asked Rick’s Cormier, who was planning on making a deserved visit to John and Peter’s in New Hope along with chef Ed Jorden. 

All in all, it was a sleepy Saturday night for most of Lambertville. But for the more daring, it was a memorable experience. 

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