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New Hope-Solebury School District parent groups say vote to change campus revite plan could come Monday

new-hope-solbury-high-schoolA message from the New Hope-Solebury School District Parent Groups:

“To All Parents and Students:

“Please be aware that significant changes to the Campus Revitalization Plan (i.e., High School and Middle School renovation project) are being considered by the newly-elected New Hope-Solebury School District School Board. A major vote on the future of the project could take place as early as the next School Board meeting tonight, Monday, Jan. 25 at 6:30 p.m. in the Buck Auditorium at the High School.

“We urge all parents and students to be informed and involved in these decisions that affect all of our students, and encourage you to attend this meeting and subsequent School Board and Facilities Committee meetings to be part of the process.

“If you are unable to attend tonight’s meeting and/or would like to express your thoughts to the entire School Board, please send an email to”

Thank you,

High School Parent Teacher Forum (PTF)
Middle School Parent Teacher Group (PTG)
Lower/Upper Elementary Home and School Association (HSA)

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  • When the parent groups mentioned newly elected school board members,they must not forge that it was the previous school board members including the four who are still on the board who put the district in a hole for 3.6 million dollars.

  • George said the magic word- wallet. If he and others of like mind went to You Tube and typed in “New Hope Solebury School District, Don’t Break My Wallet”, he will get a full view of what happened in the district prior to the new board members being sworn in back in Dec. Be sure to read the comments.
    Please note that of the 250 community members that attended the meeting, Under False Pretenses (believing the rumors that “The Sky was Falling”), nearly all of them were students and parents.
    We have approximately 11,000 people living in New Hope and Solebury, just 3,000 of them are parents and students in the district,unlike the other 8,000 residents, many of whom are senior citizens.
    While NHS is supposed to be a public school district, in many ways the majority of each of the past few school boards with the former administration treated the district like a private school district resulting in the new school board inheriting a debt of 3.6 million dollars.
    So, how many of the 8,000, I mentioned will be coming to future board meetings and speaking up for the New Hope Solebury Silent Majority?

  • The first question that must be asked is where did these parent groups get their information.Since I and hundreds of others subscribe to the district information center aka Listserve, I did not receive any communication from the district which means that the District- the administrators and the school board never sent out any communication concerning this alleged significant changes.
    Therefore, if these groups want to remain credible in the eyes of their rank and file membership, they will have to publicly inform them as to their source of information. Otherwise they will have as much credibility as the “Boy who Cried Wolf”.

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