Suffering with dense, hard matzoh balls?

For the uninitiated, matzoh balls are a sort of Jewish dumpling made from a mixture of matzoh meal, eggs, water, and schmaltz (chicken fat), and served with chicken soup, often including carrots, onions, dill and parsnips.

They are subtle, and may well be an acquired taste, but at their best, matzoh balls can float like ethereal, airy clouds of chickenesque goodness.

Problem is, most matzoh balls come out more like golf balls — hard, dense and even rubbery. Many a Jewish joke includes reference to a seemingly immortal protagonist in the peak of health laid waste by a matzoh ball hurled in frustration from some urban kitchen window.

Luckily Chef Brian Scott from Max Hansen Carversville Grocery has made a video demonstrating how to make delicate, fluffy, yummy matzoh balls, and just in time for Chanukah!

“This is a must watch for anyone suffering with dense, hard matzoh balls!” say the folks at the grocery.

We agree, but your results may vary.

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