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State conservation workers rush to save fish stranded in New Hope canal; request volunteers

fish recueWorkers with the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) were out in force Tuesday rescuing fish stranded by rapidly falling water levels along stretches of the Delaware Canal in New Hope, and are calling for citizens to join in the effort.

The culprit: a broken pump on the Delaware River at Centre Bridge that supplies water to the canal in New Hope.

DCNR spokesperson Rick Dalton said, “We’re kind of strapped. We’ve been doing this for three weeks from Centre Bridge to Lock 11.” To complicate matters, many of the workers involved in the effort are seasonal, and will be ending their employment with DCNR on Friday.

dcnr workers near ferry street bridgeWorkers are trying to relocate the imperiled fish from a section of the canal between the aqueduct and West Ferry Street in New Hope, dumping them into the adjacent Ingham Creek. Many of the larger fish are carp, and perch and smallmouth bass can also be seen.

Those wishing to volunteer should wear muck boots or waders, and bring a net and bucket to the West Ferry Street area of the canal beginning around 9 a.m. Wednesday.

“Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. You can come any time of the day, and even 10 minutes helps,” said Dalton.

Those interested in volunteering can call the Delaware Canal State Park office with any questions at (610) 982-5560.


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