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New Hope-Solebury Lions maul George School Cougars, extending record to 9-0

Brendan Shadle runs for his first of two touchdowns Saturday, with Tommy Capriotti helping clear the way

Brendan Shadle runs for the first of his two touchdowns Saturday, with Tommy Capriotti clearing the way. (Photo: Ed Skoroda)

Amid spectacular fall foliage Saturday, Jim DiTulio’s young Lions gave the George School Cougars a healthy dose of the unrelenting defense and explosive offense that has propelled the Lions to a 9-0 record.

With the Bicentennial Athletic League championship set to be decided against Delaware County Christian on Saturday, Nov. 7, the New Hope-Solebury High School Lions football team is heading into the biggest game of the year with a squad that performs like a well-oiled machine on both sides of the ball.

The Lions staked themselves to a first quarter lead with strong running from Jack McKenna and Brendan Shadle. Quarterback Nick Garritano ran the ball in for a touchdown, and on the following possession, Brendan Shade made it 14-0 with a run of his own.

Late in the quarter, quarterback Nick Garritano hit receiver Blake Hildebrandt on consecutive passes of 25 and 12 yards, setting up Brendan Shadle for a second touchdown run early in the second quarter. On the next possession, Garritano scrambled out of a sack, rolled out right and found tight end Matt Kolen in the end zone for another New Hope score. Russell Abernathy followed up on New Hope’s next drive with tough running that landed him in the end zone as well, and it was 34-0 Lions.

Freshman kicker Logan Waterman boots his sixth extra point Saturday.

Freshman kicker Logan Waterman boots his sixth extra point Saturday. (Photo: Ed Skoroda)

Quarterback Shadimir Coles tried to get the Cougars back into the match, but his pitch-out was slapped down by Tommy Capriotti, who returnedthe ball to the George School five yard line, and from there Jack Mckenna made short work to the end zone, for a 41-0 half time lead for the Lions.

George School was able to get some traction in the second half, as the Lions platooned in their younger players. That positive momentum ended at the nine yard line when Tommy Capriotti simply took the ball out of the hands of a Cougar receiver. The next play saw Brendan Shadle run 39 yards to the Lions 4,7 and get pulled down by his face mask, landing the Lions on the George School 38 yard line.

Three plays later, Jesse Capriotti took the ball from the 17 to the four, and then Schadle marched in for his third score. Logan Waterman hit his sixth PAT kick in seven tries, and the Lions had an 48-0 third quarter lead. The George School’s Coles was able to rush for two late scores, and the Lions came away with a 48-14 victory.


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  • Hey Gerry, that’s some interesting grammar and sentence structure. The Herald has a budget that dwarfs that of the NHFP. Perhaps you can get them to spring for an adult writing course.

  • Cintra, Bucks County Playhouse, the Riverhouse at Odette’s, the Logan Inn, the Raven … hard news — and not rumor, speculation or gossip — about all of these has appeared in the (weekly) Herald before it was seen on the (daily) Free Press.

  • That Monigan dude seems like a bit of a tool. I’ll give you the “last paragraph” snark but was that comment really necessary? next time you use a common sports-lit device like “marched in” I’ll think of some uncalled for d-bag response like your hacky “goose step” remark

    • Mark,
      I should have realized the tone of my comment could be misconstrued; an all-too-common shortcoming of the written word. Honestly, I wasn’t trying to be nasty (snark is such an ugly word). I was attempting to give Adam, who I assume is a young aspiring sportswriter, some good-natured, lighthearted guidance. I know I benefitted from it when I was young.
      Now I will be direct, so there is no misunderstanding: When you use a crude euphemism for male genitalia and a reference to a feminine-hygiene device in an attempt to insult a stranger in a public forum, you risk the perception of being low-class, low-intelligence, or both. I trust you are neither.
      Btw, what is the connotation of “hacky”? Is it metaphoric for striking someone as with a machete?
      That Monigan Dude

      • And another thing, I make no claim of high class…I’m just a reader who calls it like I see it. I think you know what a tool and a d-b** is, and it has nothing to do with male genitalia or hygiene devices. And I call b***s*** on your altruistic claims. Mr. Duncan is a grown-ass man with a family and not a “lad”. Your comment was pure condescension.

  • Adam, lad, a fine cheerleading piece, but try putting the final score higher than the … last paragraph! Too bad we don’t have a photo of when Schadle “marched in” for a TD; I trust it wasn’t a goose-step. Keep working at your craft. I, too, am self-taught.

    • IMO, he had an accurate story out days before the Bucks County Herald, as usual. Speaking of craft, isn’t it time you started including “as first reported in the New Hope Free Press” in most of your esteemed publication’s New Hope area coverage?

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