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New Hope Chamber of Commerce and New Hope Business Alliance in merger talks

herb and jim

Business leaders Jimmy Jolly (left) and Herb Millman on a recent weekend in New Hope

Executive leadership of New Hope’s two main business groups confirmed Wednesday that they have discussed a potential merger of their organizations, and will bring a proposal to their respective directors next week.

Jim Jolly, president of the New Hope Chamber of Commerce said, “We have talked to the New Hope Business Alliance about ways we can work more closely to bring more visitors to New Hope, but I can’t provide greater detail until our board of directors has had a chance to review and discuss potential decisions.”
Said Herb Millman, head of the New Hope Business Alliance, “Our group initially came together about a year ago while the New Hope Chamber was reorganizing itself, and we took on responsibility for the annual Christmas tree lighting at the Logan Inn, and holding other pro-business events. In my opinion, now that the New Hope Chamber of Commerce is back on its feet, it doesn’t make sense to maintain two separate groups with the same goal — making New Hope an even better place to live, visit and run a business.”
The New Hope business Alliance was formed as a result of an open merchant forum held in October 2014. In November 2014, New Hope business owners George Fernandez and Greg Gauthier announced they would lead an effort to stage New Hope’s annual Christmas tree lighting as part of the the newly-formed New Hope Business Alliance. The New Hope Chamber of Commerce was on a self-described “hiatus” at the time.
The Alliance went on to successfully host the tree lighting, along with several smaller holiday events. In March 2015, the group held open elections for executive office, as did the New Hope Chamber.
The New Hope Business Alliance is scheduled to hold a meeting of its board of directors on Monday, Oct. 12, and the New Hope Chamber of Commerce board will meet on Oct. 13.

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  • In reference to the Herb Millman/Jim Jolly comment ” we took on responsibility for the annual Christmas tree lighting at the Logan Inn…….. NOT QUITE RIGHT
    The accurate story here is that the group of people calling themselves a business alliance took it upon themselves to take over the Tree lighting unbeknownst to me. Whether the Chamber was ever contacted is at best debatable ……depending on who you ask. When I found out and approached their representative, I was refused any participation for mine or my company after 3 successful years of producing it.
    I had significant monetary donations pledged to it by several business’s in town and had some ideas on actually saving money and involving more of the community. I was told that they/the alliance did not need or want mine or anybody’s money or help.
    I fail to see how this or any other similar group of people behaving and acting as they do, have anyone’s interest at heart other than their own.
    This proposed “merger” would appear to have been the top priority agenda of both groups for some time now and actually answers some interesting questions being asked by the community.

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