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Lorenzo, Gia, Jolly and Millman win New Hope Business Alliance top posts in election

nhba 4When the dust settled and votes were counted Monday night, Dawn Lorenzo (Olive-n-Grape), Victoria Gia (Victoria Couture), Jim Jolly (Angel’s Light) and Herb Millman (Cockamamie’s) were victors in a a town-wide election for the top executive positions of the New Hope Business Alliance.

The sight of Millman and Jolly had become common in recent days, with the two campaigning hard using door-to-door tactics. Millman’s opponent, Linda Sghiatti, gave one of the more focused and forceful speeches of the evening, and likewise, contender Dominick Pizzullo once again displayed an emphasis on technology that seemed to resonate with the audience.

Jim Jolly addresses the audience at Havana

Jim Jolly addresses the audience at Havana

Millman will serve as executive director, Jolly as director of member communications, Gia as director of events, and Lorenzo’s post as finance director puts her in the key treasurer function. The executive committee is expected to meet in a week, according to Millman, and bylaws will soon be revised and finalized.

The crowd was larger than organizers expected, with attendance estimates in the 50-60 range, and the voting sizable, with all candidates turning in solid showings.

All in all, whatever the future holds for this upstart group, it was clearly a great turnout, and a great night for seeing democracy in action.

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