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Sneak Preview: New Hope’s oldest ice cream shop to get a facelift


Rendering of building design

The owners of Moo Hope at 22 S. Main St. in New Hope said back in May 2014 that they planned to refurbish the structure there (it was formerly Gerenser’s Exotic Ice Cream), and are now moving through the borough’s approval process for their bold design.

Owners Marlene and Larry Panzica have indicated that tackling the requisite renovation there is a top priority, and a quick look at the building’s superstructure reveals what most locals know already: the building needs a lot of work.

Gerenser's Ice Cream in 2012

Gerenser’s Ice Cream in 2012

The plan under consideration would involve a top-to-bottom overhaul of the building, including the first floor ice cream retail area, and expansion of the second-floor residential space to a third floor, which would encompass four bedrooms and a veranda.

Moo Hope has a pretty cool website you may want to check out, and can also be reached at (215) 421-1588.

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    • Why the negative response from HARB? If you look across the street, there is a restaurant, also in the “historic district,” that has a very non-historic, Disney-like entrance. If you walk down the streets of New Hope, there are many newer buildings in the historic district that have been allowed – including the new Nektar restaurant building – with its very contemporary cantilevered addition which is easily visible from the bridge.

      Seems as though HARB is inconsistent and arbitrary in its opinions as to what looks acceptable in New Hope. Is the new Odette’s going to look “historic”?

      I think the applicants are owed a discussion, or explanation, as to what was so objectionable about their plans. This ice cream business wants to contribute to the community, and they deserve the same respect that was afforded the other businesses in town who were allowed to proceed with their non-historic renovations.

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