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Jolly wins New Hope Chamber of Commerce presidency; Zollo, Oravis, Albertini round out executive committee

Jim Jolly (L) and Gregg Zollo (R)

Jim Jolly (L) and Gregg Zollo (R)

Jim Jolly, former vice-president of the New Hope Chamber of Commerce, beat out contenders John Danaher and Peter Edwardson Monday night to claim the presidency of the business group. Jolly also serves on the board of the New Hope Business Alliance.

The elections were held via in-person and online voting, and tallied at 10 W. Mechanic Street. Josh Oravis and Joel Roberts of the chamber election committee collected and counted the ballots. Oravis also serves as treasurer of the New Hope Chamber.

Joining Jolly on the ballot were Gregg Zollo, the sole candidate for vice-president, and Kelly Albertini, who ran unopposed for secretary. Votes were tallied shortly after 9 p.m.

Treasurer Josh Oravis tallies votes as Joel Roberts looks on

Josh Oravis tallies votes as Joel Roberts looks on

Jolly had said while campaigning, “I have a reputation on the streets of New Hope as someone who listens and cares, and works hard to solve problems,” and apparently voting businesses agreed.

Jolly thanked his board of directors Monday night after being announced as winner, saying, “I want to express my gratitude to each and every director, whether it was through words of wisdom and advice, or jumping in there with sleeves rolled up, to even the ‘thank you’ that is seldom spoken, but was so was appreciated.”

“We are going to be a ‘working board,’ and not a ‘hobby board,'” continued Jolly. “Our hearts need to be like that of a ‘humble servant,’ where our first obligation is to the businesses and community, not ourselves.”

(L to R) John Dwyer, Herb Millman, Paul Licitra and Geri Delevich await the results outside 10 W. Mechanic St.







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