Locust Light Farm in Solebury focusing on bringing healing herbs to community

locust light farmLocust Light Farm, a sustainably-operated farm on Greenhill Road in Solebury Township, continues to focus on bringing high-quality healing herbs to the local community.

Owner Amanda Midkiff processes the herbs into products that can be used to support health and wellness, such as tinctures, tea blends, massage oils, and salves.

Midkiff believes that the growing interest in health and wellness will lead to more demand for herbs as both an alternative and a complement to modern medical care. But incorporating herbs into one’s life can be challenging, points out Midkiff.

“It can be hard to know what herbs to use or where to get them. People are also becoming more aware that it’s tough to guarantee quality with herbal products,” she said. “With vegetables, you can taste it and know if it’s kale, say, and you know if it tastes good it’s a high-quality vegetable. It’s not so straightforward with herbs,” said Midkiff.

Midkiff hopes to make healing herbs more accessible through a Community Supported Wellness (CSW) program, in which customers become “members” of Locust Light Farm by purchasing a share. Members receive a package of herbal products once a month.

“The CSW allows people to slowly learn to incorporate herbs into their lives. You will build your own home apothecary, so that you will have herbal products on hand when you need them.” Members will pick up shares once a month from June to December, according to the farm’s promotional material.

Said Midkiff of her own introduction to the herbal way, “I was drawn to herbalism after I began drinking nettle tea. I started drinking it just to try it, then I noticed it almost entirely took care of my indoor allergies. I want to share that experience of herbs with people who aren’t comfortable using prescriptions to treat conditions such as allergies, insomnia, cold and flu.”

For more information, or to sign up for a share, visit the Locust Light website, or contact Amanda at (201) 874-7034 or

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