Cakes Done Simple offering cupcakes to go at former Rita’s location in New Hope

James Rogers and his creations (Photo: Charlie Sahner)

James Rogers and his creations (Photo: Charlie Sahner)

Cakes Done Simple, a bakery specializing in cakes and cupcakes to go, has opened at 137 S. Main St. in New Hope, a former Rita’s Water Ice location. Two interesting aspects of the new business: 1) the cupcakes are really, really good, and 2) the novel concept of selling cupcakes from a walk-up window.

There’s also no shortage of baked items in New Hope. So, what’s the angle?

Owner/Baker James Rogers says, “The difference is that we approach cupcakes in a simple manner, like your mom would do at home. Sometimes less is more. There’s no brownie or candy bar on top — it’s simple and straight to the point. It’s a cupcake.”

Cupcake flavors include Red Velvet, Apple, Carrot, Coconut, Pistachio, Red Devil, Chocolate Oatmeal, German Chocolate, Traditional Chocolate, along with additional cupcake flavors Vanilla, Peanut Butter, and Chocolate-Covered Cherry.

We sampled the “Confetti” cupcake, along with Chocolate, and Peanut Butter Overload. All were excellent. The cupcakes were traditionally-sized, with a heavy dollop of butter icing on top. Flavors and textures were first rate, and the “Confetti” (the green one to the left above) was a hit with the kids, filled with an explosion of delightful colors. Prices ran around $3 each when ordering a few. A range of beverage selections will be coming soon, says Rogers.

The challenge for this business model could be that a super-moist, top-heavy cupcake can make for an awkward walking food. Rogers provides a handy plastic carrying tray that certainly helps, but will the masses line up for take-out cupcakes? Time will tell, but it’s clear that Rogers knows how to build a great cupcake.





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