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Carriage horse dies on West Mechanic Street in New Hope on Friday night

Deceased horse on West Mechanic Street (Photo: Charlie Sahner)

Deceased horse (center background in shadows) on West Mechanic Street (Photo: Charlie Sahner)

Police responded to a report of a horse down on West Mechanic Street near the corner of New Street at around 10:15 p.m. Friday night. Officer Rich Joyner took charge of the scene, in which it was determined the animal was dead. Nothing suspicious seemed indicated, and police attempted to arrange transportation for the deceased animal.

A sad situation.

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    • The other news sites aren’t from New Hope. They can’t photo anything. The horse was intentionally left in the shadows in this shot, not visible. Horrific? Really? Don’t think so.

        • Sorry you didn’t like it. I respect your opinion. Just want you to understand the choices were carefully considered. I saw the horse close up, owner, driver…could have interviewed or pictured. Could also have asked why it happened. Instead, you basically have a photo of a lot of police lights. ‘Horrific’ is the image of the dead animal in my mind that I have to live with, but that’s part of my job.

          Appreciate your comment, though.

          • I do not envy you for having to be up close to that. I was across the street and just seeing the situation broke my heart. Being a horse lover, it is never easy to witness such tragedy. I respect your position and appreciate you respecting my opinion.

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