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Solebury Police: New 4-Way stop and traffic pattern at Upper York and Sugan Road

263 traffic patternA traffic alert from the Solebury Township Police Department:

“PennDOT has installed a new four-way stop at the intersection of Upper York Road (Route 263) and Sugan Road. New signage will be installed beginning on Aug. 27.

“The cut-off between Sugan and Upper York will now be one-way for cars heading north on Sugan Road, turning east on Upper York Road toward Center Bridge.

“All vehicles headed west on Upper York Road, turning south on Sugan Road or accessing Phillips Mill Road, must do so at the new four-way stop.

Please drive with caution and be alert to the new traffic pattern.”

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  • I’m okay with the four way stop, something had to be done, but not loving changing the Eastern turn off into a one-way only….I have an occasionally-used full sized pick up and making a left coming from West Bound 263 onto Sugan will be impossible if there is any traffic waiting their turn for the right of way

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