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Solebury Sees Uptick In Vehicle Thefts & Thefts From Vehicle

Solebury Township police warn residents of a rise in vehicle thefts.

A Solebury Township police vehicle. File photo.
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A surge in reported vehicle thefts and thefts from parked cars has prompted Solebury Township police to issue safety tips for residents.

Authorities on Monday urged the public never to leave valuables, such as wallets, purses, laptops, or other electronics, visible in a parked car.

Police issued the below tips:

Never leave any valuables such as wallets, purses, laptops, or electronics lying in any of the seats of a parked vehicle.

Always lock your car and make sure to remove the key fob from the ignition, no matter where you are.

Immediately get in touch with the local police to report any suspicious vehicles, individuals, or groups you might notice in the area or neighborhood. Call 9-1-1 or our non-emergency 24/7 police dispatch at 215-328-8511

“Don’t let the mirrors tip off car thieves,” warned police.

“The fact that the mirrors on recently released luxury models can fold automatically once the vehicle is locked and the engine is turned off seems to have also been enough for these thieves to target these cars that had their mirrors out,” police said.

“The targeting of parked luxury vehicles that have their side mirrors sticking out, which is an indicator of the fact the car is not locked. Thieves will either take advantage of this vulnerability and try to steal the car using various engine start tricks or even the key that has also been left behind in the ignition or take off with valuable items that have been left unattended inside the vehicle.”  

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