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Firefighters Rescue Cat From New Hope Storm Drain

Firefighters in New Hope Borough spent two hours rescuing an adorable kitten.

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Firefighters spent two hours Friday night rescuing an adorable kitten that had become stuck in a storm drain.

New Hope Borough police and firefighters from the New Hope Eagle Fire Company responded to Main Street in front of Ferry Market around 8:50 p.m. for the initial call.

Bystanders at the scene said people walking along Main Street spotted the tiny kitten run across the road and fall into the storm drain. Police backed up that account.

Credit: Tom Sofield/

Firefighters used Halligan bars to remove the grate over the drain and got into the gutter.

With bystanders watching, firefighters attempted to lure the scared kitten out using cat food, videos of cats meowing, and other means.

After some time, the fire company flowed water into the storm drain in an attempt to push the kitten to a waiting firefighter.

Credit: Tom Sofield/

Amid the commotion, several people stopped to watch and some offered to take the cat once it was rescued.

The water didn’t move the kitten enough for a firefighter to grab it, so crews devised a plan to use a soccer ball to be flowed through the storm drain and push the kitten to the hands of the waiting firefighter.

Credit: Tom Sofield/

The fire company said in a statement the kitten, which they are naming Gutterball, was rescued using the soccer ball method after two hours.

Images from the fire company show the kitten after being rescued.

Several people are reported to be attempting to adopt the wayward kitten.

Credit: Tom Sofield/

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