Published On: Wed, Sep 23rd, 2020

River House at Odette’s in New Hope opens its doors next week

Rendering of the private rooftop cocktail parlor

River House at Odette’s announced this week that it will open for business in New Hope on Sept. 28.

The new luxury hotel is located at the former site of the iconic Odette’s cabaret restaurant, long a social hub of New Hope’s artistic community.

The boutique hotel includes 36 guest rooms featuring private spa-inspired baths, curated furnishings, and impressive river and mountain views. There are 12 suites in total, including two penthouse suites.

Rendering of entrance

“After many years of careful planning and curation, Refined Hospitality is pleased to announce River House at Odette’s is in its final stages of construction and opening its doors to both guests and locals on Sept. 28,” said Ron Gorodesky, President of hotel managers Refined Hospitality. “We’ve carved a unique luxury hospitality experience that pays homage to not only Odette’s legacy but also the vibrant community of New Hope.”

Rendering of ballroom

River House will offer a sophisticated dining and cocktail menu through three dining establishments, including its main namesake restaurant, Odette’s Restaurant & Lounge, the Piano Lounge cocktail parlor, and members-only ROOF, inspired by the spirited 1970s.

Rendering of piano lounge

Additionally, River House will offer a waterfront ceremony space, a 200-guest ballroom overlooking the Delaware River, and meeting rooms for groups.

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  1.' Don Sparks says:

    I just don’t get it: how busy can Odette’s be? I’ve been trying to book rooms and dining room accommodations for myself, my husband, a half dozen children from Bethanna Home, and their mental health specialist, and have been repeatedly told that, as was the case so many Christmasses ago for Mary, Joseph, and their, as yet, unborn child, there is no room for us in the inn.

  2.' Don Sparks says:

    Any news about what’s happening at Odette’s?
    What’s going on with the razed Raven?
    Inquiring gay minds want to know.
    Please do some hard-hitting New Hope Free Press follow up.

  3. Ron Gorodesky Why did u lie and all your cohorts lie to the press on how you were how u know how the Raven a gay club, was an icon in thw New Hope area and that it will store contents of the Raven to be included in the new desgin of the Raven. Did u have any intentions of do what was said in the New Hope Press.

  4.' Roger says:

    I can’t see how a profit can be made with 36 rooms, guess it’s the 1000.00 per year fee to eat on a roof. Glad to see we have a new average income inclusive business in town. Wonder what the real reason it was built for?

  5.' Kit Taylor says:

    Don’t complain. If you are not a 1%-er, then you can not even think of entering this plush place. We are an “artistic community”, but we do not want any struggling artists here. You have to prove the size of your hedge fund to enjoy our artistic attractions. NH is such BS now that it has become just another North Philly suburb. I’m glad I left.

  6. If they had some sense or could know the temperature of the room…they would have an opening for local residents. But no.

  7.' JoeSchmoe says:

    Heck of a time to be opening a new hotel.

  8.' Don Sparks says:

    What if they opened a luxury hotel and nobody came?

    •' Don Sparks says:

      All of the pictures are “renderings”. Has anyone actually been able to take a picture of the real deal with living, breathing customers in evidence?

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