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Pennsylvania restaurants can increase indoor capacity to 50 percent starting Sept. 21

Gov. Tom Wolf on Tuesday announced that restaurants in Pennsylvania can increase their indoor capacity from 25% to 50% starting Sept. 21.

But they will have to commit to strictly following public health safety guidelines through a self-certification process and stop selling alcohol at 10 p.m.


“We recognize the impact that the covid-19 pandemic has had on Pennsylvania’s small businesses, especially on our restaurants,” said Gov. Wolf. “Through this self-certification process, our commonwealth’s restaurant industry will ensure the safety and well-being of both employees and patrons alike, and will be able to begin a return to normal operations and financial recovery.”

Restaurants that self-certify will appear in a searchable online database of certified restaurants across the commonwealth.

The self-certification documents and information about the Open & Certified Pennsylvania program can be found online starting Sept. 21  and will contain the following:

  • A list of requirements contained in the current restaurant industry guidance and enforcement efforts;
  • A statement that the owner has reviewed and agrees to follow these requirements;
  • The business’ maximum indoor occupancy number based on the fire code; and
  • A statement that the owner understands that the certification is subject to penalties for unsworn falsification to authorities.

Any restaurant that wishes to increase to 50 percent indoor capacity on Sept. 21 must complete the online self-certification process by Oct. 5. Restaurants that self-certify will be mailed Open & Certified Pennsylvania branded materials, such as window clings and other signage designating their certification, which they can display for customers and employees.

Restaurant owners with additional questions about the self-certification program can contact covidselfcert@pa.gov.

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  • Another significant step in the right direction that shows Covid being controlled and decreasing in Pa. But that is not good enough for the selfish teacher’s unions in Pa. that want zero spread of Covid or a vaccine to totally eradicate the virus before they step back in the classroom.
    Too bad our school boards, especially the ones in the suburbs don’t have the courage to say to the teachers – the very vast number of them who do not have doctors notes stating that they have underlying conditions, “if you don’t come in to teach, your leave of absence is without pay. You want to sue, go right ahead, be our guest.”

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