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New Hope, Lambertville municipal offices remain closed due to coronavirus threat

New Hope Borough Hall

New Hope Borough’s administrative office was closed to the public on Monday, as local governments join in the effort to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Officials ask residents to email Office Administrator JoAnn Connell or call (215) 862-3347 for urgent matters.

The borough is also asking constituents to hold off filing applications for permitting, and refrain from starting construction projects or other activities inside the borough that would require permits or visits to the office, or interaction with the staff and code officials.

All New Hope advisory committees and board meetings will be cancelled until April, including the Historic Architectural Review Board, the Planning Commission, and Parks & Recreation. (The Zoning Hearing Board will be making a decision on their ability to meet within the next few days).

Borough Council will convene as scheduled and as needed to conduct necessary business, officials said. While these meetings will be public, residents and developers are strongly encouraged not to attend unless they have actionable business that they urgently need to present.

“Please do everything you can to avoid contracting or spreading this virus – especially avoiding unnecessary face to face interactions,” advised Council President Connie Gering. “The sooner we can stop new transmissions, the sooner we can get our New Hope back to normal.”

The New Hope Borough Police station is closed to the public, and all non-emergency incidents will be handled by phone.

In Lambertville, all city facilities (City Hall, Justice Center, Public Works, Police Department) remain closed to the public, but still operating. All public meetings and events up until March 30 are canceled.

Trash, recycling, and food waste pickups are on schedule, but the street sweeper is delayed until March 30th.

Lambertville’s TREX plastic recycling program drop off is temporarily suspended, and the city asks that residents keep these items until they can resume collecting them.

In Solebury, residents had been urged not to visit the Township Building unless their business required immediate attention, but on Monday, the township said it would no longer allow access to the building for nonessential purposes. Those needing to pick up or drop off a permit, plans or other essential documents can be met at the door if they call ahead.

The Township will not be accepting deliveries or allow access to the building for nonessential purposes.

Solebury Township Parks & Recreation has ended all sports activities and group use of park athletic fields and facilities through April 13.

Solebury Township police ask residents to refrain from visiting the police department if they have a fever or any other symptoms associated with coronavirus, and are encouraging phone calls or email for reporting for non-emergencies.


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