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Coronavirus cases in Bucks County now total 7

Bucks County received word of three new positive coronavirus cases late Monday, bringing the county’s total to seven, according to Health Department Director Dr. David Damsker.

Out-of-state or out-of country contacts have been identified as the sources of two of the cases, meaning they were not the result of community spread.

The third case is still being investigated, with tracing of that patient’s contacts still to be completed, Damsker said.

One of the new cases involves an adult who returned recently from Spain, Damsker said. That person has experienced mild symptoms and is confined at home.

In another of the cases, an adult recently returned from a trip out of state where the patient attended a gathering at which several people displayed symptoms, Damsker said. That person also is at home with mild symptoms.

The other case – an older adult with a number of preexisting health issues – is still being investigated for the source of the infection, Damsker said. That person is hospitalized in serious but stable condition, he said, with contact tracing ongoing.

Bucks County’s first four presumptive positive cases all involved adults with mild symptoms. Three had traveled out of state or out of the country and came into contact with infected people there. The other came into contact with a Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia physician who had tested positive for the virus.

In each of those cases, Damsker said, the sources of the virus were readily identified and the patients’ contacts fully traced.

Damsker first revealed the three new cases this evening while testifying by telephone at a court hearing in Doylestown. He was called to testify during a hearing on the Bucks County Board of Election’s petition to stop a special election in Bensalem, scheduled for Tuesday, because of coronavirus concerns.

The county’s request to halt the special election was denied by Common Pleas Court Judge Jeffrey G. Trauger, who ruled that he had no authority under the law to postpone it.

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