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All aboard for upscale eats at Mechanic Street Station in New Hope

(L to R) Chef Conar Welsh, Co-Owner Bari Buiso, Assistant Manager Tony Artur, and Co-Owner T.J. Clifford.

New American restaurant Mechanic Street Station just opened for business at 9 W. Mechanic St. in New Hope, and is already generating some buzz among food lovers around town.

The top-of-the-line BYOB uses only locally sourced ingredients, and prides itself on meticulous preparation and striking presentation.

“It’s top quality ingredients cooked with a great technique, presented beautifully,” explained classically French-trained chef Conar Welsh. “I even think of the sound it makes when it hits your mouth. It’s a complete sensory experience.”

Owners Bari Buiso and T.J. Clifford were formerly associated with New Hope’s legendary Raven bar/restaurant/hotel, as were servers Philip Nicolosi, Jack Flanagan, and Joe Black. Assistant Manager Tony Artur has bartended around town for a decade, and run A Beautiful Life brands since 2002.

Fennel Salad

“It’s about being surrounded by people that are my family,” said Buiso. “We’re serving people we love with people I love.”

Appetizers this week included a Green Pea Veloute with fresh sauteed sardines and an apple cider vinaigrette, and Roasted Fennel Salad with poached pears.

Among the entrees were the popular Autumn Ravioli with marscapone and squash puree served over spaghetti squash with local mushroom sauce, Pan Seared Scallops with squash three ways, butter-basted Hereford Strip Steak with vegetables, and Pan Seared Halibut with glazed baby carrots, beurre blanc and mariniere foam.

Hereford Strip Steak

“I hover over the steak the whole time, basting,” explained Welsh. “They take more time to make than anything else on the menu.”

Desserts included a Local Apple and Pear Mille Feuille with apple pastry cream, and poached apples and pears, and Chocolate Mousse with fresh chantilly creme.

Pan Seared Halibut

As a BYOB, customers can bring their own spirits, which can also be mixed with house-made infused fizzes and tangy shrubs crafted with seasonal fruits, herbs and spices by Artur. Coffee, espresso and cappuccino are made with beans from the popular Rojo’s Roastery of Lambertville.

“We wanted to do something nobody else is doing,” commented Clifford. “People gather around a table, whether it’s a celebration, a holiday, or simply Sunday night, to converse and share with people they care about. We provide the opportunity for those occasions, no matter how casual or intimate.”

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