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Blue Moose Restaurant in New Hope to close its doors next month

The popular Blue Moose Restaurant & Cafe in New Hope will close its doors Aug. 11, owner Skylar Bird announced Tuesday evening.

Bird, 27, opened Blue Moose on West Mechanic Street at age 19, and the New American “prix fixe” style eatery rapidly drew a loyal following. Now, he’s ready to explore new horizons on his culinary journey, and wants to leave the restaurant at the top of his game.

“Owning this restaurant has been the most challenging and exciting experience of my life,” Bird said Thursday evening on Facebook .”I know the time is right for me to move on and explore other opportunities, and that is why I have made the difficult decision to close the restaurant.”

Bird in the early days of Blue Moose in 2011, and today

Bird, who along with partner Kate Attinello managed to keeps things fresh and exciting at Blue Moose, wants to use the immediate time ahead to re-energize and contemplate his next move.

“It has been a difficult decision to give up what has become such a wonderful and successful business for us,” Bird said in an interview Wednesday. “We will miss the friendships and connections we have made here in New Hope. While we have no immediate plans for another food venture, we are looking forward to continuing projects in the Lambertville area and spending some time to recharge our creativity.”

Bird said a new restaurant will take over the space, and hopes to open in September.

“We wish the new owners the best of success in establishing themselves as part of New Hope’s growing restaurant community,” he said.

Blue Moose succeeded with a creative, rotating menu served up in a relaxed, slightly offbeat atmosphere.

“Our restaurant is casual fine dining,” said Bird in an interview last year. “But we consider ourselves to be a destination not just for a special occasion dinners, but also a destination for people to enjoy all the time.”

The European “prix fixe” style is something he picked up in 2009 while visiting his sister in Lyon, France. Bird was on a mission to expand his culinary repertoire after opening a youth-run weekend supper club in Bucks County, and found a small restaurant that would allow him to apprentice during a four-month visit to the city. What he learned in Lyon inspired him to further his credentials at the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan, and to adopt the prix fixe style when Blue Moose later opened its doors in New Hope in 2011.

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  • Just got back from Chicago visiting our son and daughter. Sad and happy for Skylar and Kate. All my children and friends have enjoyed the restaurant. We enjoyed when Skylar would stop by the table, even thou he did not know us that well , kinda seemed to me he was reaching for something. Kate we enjoyed your hello’s and family talk. Only good things!! Thank you.

  • Skylar – we are shocked to see your WONDERFUL restaurant is closed and had to search for this article. It was always enjoyable and memorable. We wish you the very best in whatever you next endeavor is…….we know it will be a success !!!!

    Michael and Donna Broderick

  • We are so sad to hear about the closing of our favorite restaurant. We have a gift card that we were saving to take our son out to dinner in September for his 18th birthday. So very sad.

    • I am sad to hear that your wonderful restaurant is now closed. I have enjoyed your food and loved your pricefix menu. Hope to see more of your efforts in the area. I wonder what can be done about the gift cards i looked forward to use over tge holidays???

  • Oh I’m so bummed. This was our favorite place in N.H.
    We always enjoyed the new menu and exciting dishes you created. I’m sorry to see you guys leave, but wish you nothing but the best ….rest up and enjoy life.

  • Larry and I remember your Dad standing at the front door and thanking us for coming!!
    You and Katie deserve the best ad you have always given us your best!!
    Love your style and food and hope you let us know what lies ahead for you.
    In the meantime enjoy making your decision and have fun!!!

  • Skylar
    We are sad to hear you will be closing Cafe Blue Moose. You have been consistently the #1 restaurant in NH since you opened your door.
    We started out dining at your Sat. night supper club and we will miss your culinary talent.
    We wish you all the best in whatever endeavors are in your future.

    Thanks for so many great meals.
    Carol & Joe LeBender

  • Skylar, really gonna miss you guys. From your early days at the Mill to your wonderful spot in New Hope, we’ve enjoyed your cuisine and YOU! Hope you’re not done bringing fantastic food and ambience to NH/Lambertville.. Best of luck in whatever direction you choose…

  • I think about you and Katie often, Skylar. You all are part of our wonderful memories when Richard and I lived in New Hope. Your friendship is cherished. You and Katie are always welcome at our home in Montclair. Here’s to great adventures ahead for you! From my heart to yours.

  • I wish you guys the best of luck you’re incredible young, professional business people. Just follow your passion kids, we will going to miss your restaurant and your beautiful personalities. ❤️

  • The mirror crack’d from side to side “The curse is come upon me”cried The Lady of Shallot. We hear Bari from the Raven with money from Sam is buying as Dr Smith would say the pain Oh! the pain.

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