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Raven Resort in New Hope Listed for Sale

Source: Kurfiss Sotheby’s

The iconic Raven club/restaurant/hotel in New Hope has been listed for sale at $5.9 million, a spokesperson for Kurfiss Sotheby’s International Realty confirmed Wednesday.

The price tag includes the business, land, structures, equipment, inventory and liquor license.

The Raven was founded in 1979 at 385 W. Bridge Street, and represents New Hope’s last remaining gay club, following the demise of the Cartwheel and Prelude in years past. Sitting on 2.4 acres of prime real estate, it draws large, diverse crowds year round, with a popular restaurant, three bars, hotel rooms, guest house, pool, lounge areas, and dance floor.

Source: Kurfiss Sotheby’s

The lodging portion of the complex was built in the 1940s as the Brookemore Hotel, expanded in 1955, and in 1974 developed by new owners as La Camp, an LGBTQ destination.

The move to sell the iconic resort was first reported in the Free Press in early February, and comes as part-owner Steven Lau continues to pursue a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania against his partners.

Residential development has dominated the New Hope real estate scene in recent years, but the listing agent predicted that the site would remain a dining and entertainment center.

“While zoned for numerous uses, we anticipate it will continue as a bar/restaurant and hotel,” said Michael Richardson.

Source: Kurfiss Sotheby’s

In fact, Richardson said he’s already gotten some nibbles on the property.

“There are a number of parties showing interest,” he said.

Others were less sanguine that the resort would continue as an LGBTQ spot, let alone a viable commercial concern.

“The days of New Hope being a gay destination are way over,” observed Stephen Stahl, a theater and film director who’s lived in the area for more than 35 years. “I don’t feel like I have to go to a ‘gay’ restaurant or clothing store. Why do we have to be segregated when we go to a bar to drink? It’s a new world.”

Source: Kurfiss Sotheby’s

New Hope resident and business owner Peter Markowicz was hopeful the club would live on in its present form.

“I want the Raven to find the right owners, and continue doing business as a gay club,” he said. “The Raven is a New Hope landmark.”



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  • They need to hire new management bartenders, servers executive chef. Stop pushing new potential customers away from enjoying a open gay friendly atmosphere.

    I truly believe any the open up at 11:30 every day offer lunch special. They need a restaurant general manager, bar manager and seasonal pool manager with certified bartenders and chefs Even if it’s a light menu patrons can still eat and enjoy the pool. Serving drinks in glass not plastic cups. Update the property with security cameras at the bar, pool and parking lot so customers can feel safe.

  • I never thought I would see the end of a gay community in New Hope Bucks County PA. It was once THE place to go. Anybody that was anybody would be there. Actors, artists and writers along with the everyday gay men. Times were hot and people were people. The Cartwheel, The Prelude, Later The Nevermore, but always the Raven was a staple. Whatever happened to a place where so many for decades would have such great times? The LGBTQ in my opinion has destroyed the community. There are no more real men that will go to gay venues, the younger generation has truly separated the community. What a shame. (wherethenewsis com)

  • With the exception of three seasoned bartenders and one good Senior Director the rest of the youngsters could learn from those four how to really deal with customers and not doing outside work or forgetting there is another side of the bar less than 10 feet eye distance away.I realize limited attention span syndrome or LASS as us seniors call it exits but we are the ones who know how to tip and reward good service.

  • I hope an enthusiastic and sympathetic new owner can be found. The biggest things that I’ve seen (in 30+ years of visiting the Raven) are that you need 1) on-site management and 2) managers who actually have hotel/restaurant management experience, not someone who is “somebody’s girlfriend” or “not experienced but just such a fun person!”. It’s a business, not a private social club. Run it like one.

    Also, some investment needs to be made in the infrastructure. Simple things, like replacing unsafe bar stools.

  • Ditto and agree on other comments made in this forum. The Raven has changed and sadly not in the best of direction and has become in some cases a circus side show(BE HONEST NOW) but I have and will continue to support it until the last curtain falls.

  • It is true that we have assimilated. That said, The Raven as a gay destination is unique. It is one of the few LGBT destinations that is essentially a non-urban environment that is also surrounded by a vibrant art community. My partner and I use it as a quick getaway and refreshing change from our domicile on the Main Line.

  • We always make a point of going to the Raven. Love the place and hope it continues as an LGBT destination for New Hope. The new world is boring and could use an alternative.

  • We have been going to the raven for about as long it became what it is today, but I agree with Stephen, it’s a new world, maybe not the better 😐

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