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Passing of Donald DeRose, 62, of New Hope

Donald DeRose, an enthusiastic, extraordinary life adventurer, died at 62 on Dec. 7.

Known for his larger-than-life character and ​his genuine, kind, and generous heart of gold, Donald was a champion at being himself.

He was the best storyteller, whether or not the stories were true (that was up to you). He looked for a reaction and a rise, and didn’t give a damn what anyone thought of him. You were either on the Donald Train or you weren’t.

He enjoyed getting out in the “jungle,” loving up on every animal he met, and above all he was there for you. It was effortless for him to turn strangers into friends. He was the best at truly living life.

Born in Ocean Grove, N.J. in 1955, Donald held a Master’s Degree of Professional Adventure Seeking and a Bachelor’s Degree of Dog Whispering. He spent his entire life traveling the world and called New Hope his home base for the past 30 years. He loved reading, animals, music, dancing, nature, partying, and controversy.

Donald wanted it known that he died as a result of being stubborn, refusing practical advice, and raising hell for over six decades.

Survived by his wife Supa; daughter Sierra; siblings Michele and Gregg; niece and nephews TJ, Adam, Samantha, and Santino; two dogs Winky and Felix; and a sh*t ton of random and quirky “collectibles” and friends.

A fund has been established in Donald’s memory for a small memorial park in New Hope, as well as unexpected family concerns he would have liked to have considered. Please send donations to Sierra DeRose, 10 Hanover Square, Apt. 17L ,New York, NY, 10005.

A “Celebration of Life” will be held on Sunday, Dec. 17 at 2775 River Road in New Hope from 2 to 7 p.m. to share remembrances of a life well lived and a person that was well loved by many. Valet parking will be available.

– Sierra DeRose

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  • Donald used to frequent my store, Lazer Illusions first on West Bridge St, and then on Main St. New Hope. When he came in he totally took over the store as if he owned it. He talked to the customers and demonstrated products even if he didn’t know how they actually worked and attempted to sell them. He told stories and became the center of attention. He also held huge parties at his large home and invited the whole town of Nee Hope, posting invitations on phone poles all over town. These parties were catered and there was great and plentiful food beer, wine and champaign for everyone. There was always a band, playing music at full blast. On one occasion the police came because a neighbor complained about noise. Don came out dressed in an admirals uniform and told them to leave. Unbelievably they did. He was truly a one of a kind and will never be replaced. His passing was a tremendous loss to New Hope and to all that knew him, which was most of New Hope and Lambertville too!!!

  • Sierra, I am sending my love to you and to Supa, Your Dad was an amazing, mind expanding, wonderful person who was good to all he encountered. We’d lost touch over the years and that saddens me. One of our best buddies, Marcus, proceeded him by only a year, and sailor buddy in Florida Pete by only a few months, and friend Christopher made up the crew, about 3 years ago. I know they’re all having fun in the Afterlife Club, guess I’ll join them sometime. You were a wonderful gift to him and we all loved you so and magical times in New Hope and watched you grow from a baby to a young woman, and I wish you peace and only good memories. Also say hello to your Mom and Gramma. Love, Charlie

  • i will always be thinking about you…every time i turn my head, there is piece of art, wood, spirit and such that I have bought from you over the years…buddhas, cabinets, benches, wall hangings, etc…. i have enjoyed them so much and every moment of the purchase process and all of the conversations…you have never been far from my mind…i hope you come to Furlong and walk among the beautiful things i have collected from you…i will feel your presence ….peace be with you….

  • To my friend, Don DeRose – I can not wrap my head around this. I don’t think your gone. You’re probably scampering around & thru these magical woods of Solebury this very minute. I first met you 30 years ago & then bumped into you couple years ago. I enjoyed working for you & your lovely wife, Supa. Housesitting/petsitting/housecleaning for you was always an experience. I’m currently in a state of shock & disbelief. I’m sure Felix & Winkie are wondering just what the Hell is going on? I hope you are having a Blast on the other side. We all miss you terribly…we are wrecked. Thank you, for being such a one of a kind, wonderful, human being.

    • Melinda, I just wanted you to know that Gregg passed away on Fri, Jan 28, 2022. Another sad loss. I am now the last remaining DeRose. Such fond memories of our years on Broadway. Hope you are well.

  • From a chance encounter at Rice’s Not during the Summer of 05′ We shared a contentious and spirited friendship.I’ll never forget Donald’s occasionally eloquent and consistently contrarian stream of consciousness.We debated and connected on a myriad of subjects for thirteen years.He loved animals and flora with all his heart.He was a unique storyteller who left me laughing in stiches and befuddled in wonderment.His passing has caused me an abyss of reflection:He was a kind soul without malice.I always miss you and never forget you.I hope to see you on the other side.He was an earnest original.
    I love you,D.D.
    God bless you

  • UD, uncle don, Donald of the Donderosa, my uncle my friend you won’t be soon forgotten. No
    superlative every defined you,
    And I’m a different person from knowing you. Your spirit is in everyone you ever met. Thanks a million and see you on the other side.

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