‘USA Today’ Names Lambertville Most Picturesque Town in N.J.

Photo from USA Today.

(Photo: Stephen Harris)

Lambertville is the most picturesque small town in New Jersey, according to a USA Today article.

“Lambertville is a haven for artists and craftsman, and is known as ‘The Antiques Capitol of New Jersey,'” the USA Today piece pointed out.

“We are honored to be recognized by USA Today as the most picturesque small town in New Jersey,” said Lambertville Mayor David DelVecchio. “With our award-winning Shad Festival, one of the premier arts festivals on the East Coast, our well-maintained historic buildings, our parks and river views, our active recreational opportunities for adults and children, our terrific restaurants, and our thriving arts community, we live in a special place.

“But what truly makes Lambertville special goes beyond its physical beauty,” added DelVecchio. “It is its sense of community — the caring and friendliness we extend to each other and all that visit our city.”


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  • Does anyone know if any thought or consideration is being given to making Lambertville a “sanctuary city”? That would be a wonderful expression of our “caring and friendliness” to our undocumented hardworking residents.

  • For what it’s worth, the USA Today article was “Picturesque Small Towns In Every State.” Nothing about “most picturesque” (which would have been quite a feat for them to judge).

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